You’ve been using essential oil throughout your pregnancy and you naturally want to use them with your new baby! They can be fantastic for your whole family and even your newest edition.  One of my favorite parts of being at a birth is applying diluted Frankincense on a babe in the first few hours after birth.  Many cultures do this a religious practice.  I personally think it reduces stress and aids in the bonding experience between you and your sweet babe. Applying essential oils on your little one creates an emotional and physical bond through the loving expression of touch. Massage is one of the most enjoyable and gratifying ways to use essential oils with your baby. Studies have shown those babies where massage is part of a regular routine are more relaxed, have healthy digestive systems with less stress of colic and constipation as well as better sleep patterns.  Keep in mind, it’s important to use oils in a way that is safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. You will always want to dilute or use dōTERRA’s pre-diluted Touch rollers.

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Midwife Scholarship Passion Project

By The Essential Midwife | July 22, 2022

At convention last year, my heartstrings were tugged on as I listened to Edna Adan tell us about the women in Sanaag and the challenges they face. Because empowering women through birth is deeply embedded in my bones, I wanted so much to help, but where to start??? What can I do?? This is WAY…

Virtual Midwife

By The Essential Midwife | January 21, 2022

I hear all the time, “I wish you could be my midwife”. So I got creative, thought outside the box and this is what came of it. I Am a Virtual midwife I help pregnant moms, doulas midwives, and people just like you get the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to trust birth and…

Are Essential Oils Safe in Pregnancy?

By The Essential Midwife | December 10, 2021

You may have come across many books that debate which, if any, essential oils are safe during pregnancy. You will often see a warning on the label or an advisory to contact your physician before using essential oils.You may read that “studies” showing certain oils can cause spontaneous abortions, miscarriages, or uterine contractions. The problem…

The Golden Hour of Birth!

By The Essential Midwife | May 29, 2021

The first hour immediately after your baby is born is often referred to as the golden hour because so many beautiful and perfect things happen in this hour. They are “golden” and you don’t want to miss out. Your baby is usually awake and alert during this time, so bonding is easy. Oxytocin has been…

Children at Birth

By The Essential Midwife | March 17, 2021

Have you ever wondered if it’s a good idea to have your other children at your birth?  I have attended many births where other children/siblings were present, and it was a powerful experience.  When choosing a home birth, I am in your home doing home visits quite often and listening to baby’s heartbeat, feeling your…

The Essential Oil Guide for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

By The Essential Midwife | February 18, 2021

Pregnancy and childbirth can be so confusing. What’s safe? What isn’t? What’s best to take to the hospital? What’s best for your baby? So many books, posts, blogs, friends, parents- the list goes on. All offering different advice and sometimes sharing things that may not necessarily be true!  Using essential oils in pregnancy creates an…

The Fourth Trimester

By The Essential Midwife | August 22, 2020

Hey mama! Pregnancy can be one of those journeys we take where every few days or weeks you say “are we there yet”? You’re grateful to reach a new milestone and soon you can’t wait to get through the next one.  You think the actual BIRTH is the big one and indeed it is a big…

Baby’s Sleep Patterns

By The Essential Midwife | July 31, 2020

Why is it that babies often have their night and days mixed up? Sleep is never overrated when it comes to much needed postpartum sleep but it’s difficult to feel like you get enough when your baby isn’t on the same sleep schuss you. Lack of sleep causes excess stress and that’s the last thing…

Postpartum Secrets that Nobody Tells You

By The Essential Midwife | June 19, 2020

We talk so much about pregnancy and birth, but sometimes we forget about postpartum. If I had a nickel for every time I heard a mama say…” I wish I would have known…about postpartum”.  Well, mama, I’m here to tell you all the things! Well, maybe not ALL the things, because there are SO many,…

Tummy Tamer

By The Essential Midwife | May 22, 2020

Are you one of those mamas who spent your whole pregnancy wondering who your baby would look like? What would her little personality be like? Would she like to snuggle and be snuggled? Would he have his dad’s hands and big feet? Would he love sports like his dad? Nine months of dreaming and imaging…