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Learn About the 10 Oils in the Kit



Balance is a fantastic oil to apply to baby’s feet to align and ground your baby to life outside of the womb. It helps to balance babe to his new surroundings.



Lavender is amazing to apply to baby’s feet with fractionated coconut oil especially in the beginning when babies sometimes have their night and days mixed up.

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Breathe is a go-to for all things respiratory. Respiratory discomforts don’t stand a chance against this powerful oil.


On Guard

On Guard is a great oil to diffuse all the time, especially for winter babies to support the whole family’s immune system as well as any visitors you may have.



Lemon boosts your immune system by raising your pH levels.


Deep Blue

Deep Blue is super supportive for low back discomfort in both pregnancy and labor, or even the occasional postpartum headache.



A MUST have to support all discomforts in pregnancy, birth and with your baby.



A drop or two of Peppermint in the diffuser is a great pick-me-up when you feel like you’ve been up all night and you just want to go back to bed at noon.

Extra Goodies for you!

You'll want to have these on hand for making up blends I recommend in my book.

This kit comes with a bonus diffuser, it’s the perfect kit when you are focusing on Birth, Baby & Postpartum Essentials

Amber roller bottles and fractionated coconut oil are both helpful when you are pregnant and getting ready for birth.

You will want to have these on hand to make up the blends I recommend in my book.

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The Home Essentials Kit