Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies Second Edition

Thank you so much for your interest in my book!

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies Second Edition is a reference guide written to educate, inspire and empower pregnant women or anyone assisting them, including midwives and doulas.



Words can not express how grateful I am for this beautifully written book. As a first-time mama who was preparing for a natural waterbirth, this book gave me the confidence, knowledge, and tools I needed for an amazing birth experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~Kenzie, UT


Generic & Trademark Names

Descriptive (generic) dōTERRA®
Anti-Aging Blend Immortelle
Blend for Women Whisper
Restful Blend Serenity®
Cellular Complex Blend DDR Prime
Cleansing Blend Purify
Detoxification Blend Zendocrine®
Digestive Blend DigestZen®
Focus Blend InTune®
Grounding Blend Balance
Invigorating Blend Citrus Bliss®
Joyful Blend Elevation
Massage Blend AromaTouch®
Metabolic Blend Slim & Sassy®
(Immune) Protective Blend On Guard®
Repellent Blend TerraShield®
Respiratory Blend Breathe
Seasonal Blend TriEaseTM
Soothing Blend Deep Blue®
Tension Blend PastTense®
Topical Blend HD ClearTM (previously Clear Skin)
Women’s Monthly Blend Clary Calm® (previously Solace)
 Wellness Supplements  
Descriptive (generic) dōTERRA®
Basic Vitality Supplements Lifelong Vitality Supplements (LLV)
Bone Nutrient Complex Bone Nutrient Lifetime Complex
Cellular Complex Blend DDR Prime
Cellular Complex Blend Liquicaps DDR Prime Blend Liquicaps
Cellular Vitality Complex Lifelong Vitality Alpha CRS+
Chewable Multivitamin a2z Children’s Supplements
Detoxification Complex Zendocrine Detoxification Complex
Digestive Enzyme Complex TerraZyme
Digestive Softgels DigestZen Softgels
Energy & Stamina Complex Mito2Max
Essential Oil Cellular Complex DDR Prime Essential Oil Cellular Complex
Essential Oil Omega Complex Lifelong Vitality xEO Mega
Food Nutrient Complex Lifelong Vitality Microplex VMz
Fruit & Veggie Drink Mix TerraGreens
GI Cleansing Formula GX Assist
Omega- 3 Fish Oil IQ Mega Deodorized Omega-3 Fish Oil
Phytoestrogen Complex Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex
Probiotic Defense Formula PB Assist+
Protetive Softgels On Guard+ Softgel
Protective Throat Drops On Guard Throat Drops
Respiratory Lozenge Breathe Respiratory Drops
Seasonal Blend Softgels TriEase Blend Softgels
Trim Shakes Slim & Sassy Trim Shake
Vegan Basic Vitality Supplements Vegan Lifelong Vitality Supplements
Vegan EO Omega Complex Vegan Lifelong Vitality vEOmega
Vegan Trim Shake Slim & Sassy Vegan Trim Shake