The Essential Oil Guide for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

I have captured the essentials you are looking for when it comes to safely using essential oils for pregnancy, birth, and babies. The Essential Oil Guide is a “companion” to my full book; Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies. 108 pages of updated information and my personal, tried and true blends to support you from trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth, and your baby.

It walks you through pregnancy with helpful hints, as well as roller bottle recipes to pack in your birth bag. Do you need both the bound book and the “Essential Oil Guide”? Absolutely YES! This is meant to be a quick reference to have in your pocket all the time. You may not always have your book with you, or you may have lent it out to your friend, now you need that specific blend but can’t access your book. With this digital version, you have the most used blends in your back pocket to access anytime.

Seriously…I have packed this The Essential Oil Guide with SO much information, I promise you…I am NOT holding ANYTHING back! All my blends and information you’ve ever wanted for pregnancy, birth, and babies in one place!

The Essential Oil Guide for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

E-book Content & Extras

How to Use Essential Oils in Pregnancy

Establishing a Daily Routine

Pregnancy, Labor and Birth


Postpartum and Babies


The Essential Oil Guide for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies

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