It's like the craziest rollercoaster you’ve ever been on, but an amazing one. There is this huge misconception as far as essential oils go and which ones are safe in pregnancy wand which ones should be avoided. We are going to dive deep when it comes to my favorite things about pregnancy!

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth and Babies Second Edition

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth and Babies Second Edition

In this book, you will find essential oil recommendations for common conditions regarding pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care. While many pharmaceutical drugs cannot be taken during pregnancy or by infants, many essential oils are highly effective and safe for maternal and infant ailments. This book is written for prospective and new mothers and their babies during the complete 9 months before and 9 months after delivery.

1st Trimester

Congratulations…You just found out you’re pregnant, welcome to your first trimester! This journey is incredible and sometimes even an overwhelming process, both physically and emotionally. While each of you is unique, most of you will experience some discomfort during your pregnancy brought on by dramatic hormonal changes, especially in your first trimester. My expertise and passion is using essential oils and my recommendations are based on my experience with these oils, that being said, I urge all of you to use these two keywords: common sense. Trust your intuition, and if you don’t feel comfortable with a certain oil, by all means, listen to that inner feeling. I can give a recommendation, but you are the one who has stewardship over your body and your baby, not me, so keep your power and don’t give it away!

2nd Trimester

The second trimester, like the first, brings on the pregnancy glow through the belly. You might have baby’s first photo taken with an ultrasound to confirm that he/she’s already adorable and if it’s a boy or a girl. Your baby’s brain is developing, and around twenty-four to twenty-six weeks, your baby is beginning to grow rapidly. It’s learning to breathe, listen, and kick, and your baby may even respond to your voice. This is the time when you will most likely feel your very best. Take advantage of feeling good.
Embrace the changes that are happening in your body. This is the stage that you really start “showing,” and this may bring a strain on your back. Using the muscle and pain relief oils can make a big difference in how you feel as your belly is growing.
This is also a great time to start massaging oils onto your belly to help support your tissues as they stretch. Some women are more prone to stretch marks than others but using these essential oils through a massage may help to reduce stretch marks and the discomfort that accompanies them.

3rd Trimester

When you get to the third trimester, reality sets in; you really are going to have a baby. Incredibly, your baby will double in size during the last three months of your pregnancy, and in the last 4 weeks, your baby can put on even a half a pound a week. Your baby’s brain is working overtime as it grows and develops. Your baby is beginning to prepare for life outside the womb. Your body and your baby are beginning to work together to get ready for labor and delivery.
The third trimester usually brings on the most complaints and discomfort. Most women experience fluid retention during the third trimester because body fluids double around twenty-eight weeks, so some puffiness is expected. For instance, you may not be able to wear your rings anymore; this is normal, but with a healthy diet and essential oils, you can keep this to a minimum.

Essentially Prepared Course

I want you to feel empowered and confident as you go through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

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