About The Essential Midwife

Stephanie Fritz

Stephanie Fritz, also known as The Essential Midwife, has a very successful midwifery practice in Southeast Arizona. She covers 2.5 hours’ worth of area all around her from the desert to the mountains. Many of her out-of-hospital births are in very rural areas. She is the mother of four daughters, three of which were born at home, and all breastfed. These experiences have shaped her vision of what women’s health care should be. She knows first-hand what a difference information and a sense of control can make when having a baby.

She believes that knowledge is power. With comfort, support, trust and privacy, birth can be simple and beautiful. She loves to empower the families she serves through education and choices. By teaching them to take their health into their own hands, they can improve their lives.

She believes the relationship with her clients is very important, and can have a big impact on the birth. She often says her clients are her best friends. She offers in-depth and personal prenatal visits where care is given to the mother’s emotional needs as well as the normal, physical assessment of the mother’s and baby’s well-being. It is important to feel comfortable, as this is the time to bond and create trusting relationships. Her clients will tell you she has a special gift to always make you feel better when you leave than when you came. It’s not uncommon for tears and laughter to be shared in the same hour.

She has enjoyed using essential oils since the 80’s with her family and has experienced the many benefits they offer. Over the last several years the quality and purity of essential oils has improved and far surpassed anything she has used in the past. In 2008, she was introduced to a quality of therapeutic essential oils that she felt confident in using with her clients and their babies as a natural health solution.  She has watched her clients’ health and comfort increase dramatically in the last eight years, both physically as well as emotionally, with these gifts of the earth.

She loves to share how these powerful plant extracts can empower you whether you are a midwife, doula, mom or just someone who wants to take control of your health in a natural way.

Essential oils have the potential to enhance and compliment every woman’s right to a fabulous pregnancy, labor and birth experience.

“Essential oils are one of the most powerful tools I have in helping to keep the families I serve happy and healthy. I know these essential oils have helped my clients have an easier pregnancy, labor and postpartum as well as ease my job as their midwife.”

Stephanie is a Licensed Midwife (LM) and Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), a Therapeutic Gemstone Practitioner, and author. She is a public speaker, an essential oil educator, and an AromaTouch Technique Instructor.