The Essential Midwife - Stephanie Fritz

Stephanie Fritz, LM, CPM

Stephanie Fritz LM, CPM,  also known as The Essential Midwife, has had a very successful midwifery practice since 2000.

She loves to share how these powerful plant extracts can empower you whether you are a midwife, doula, mom, or just someone who wants to take control of your health in a natural way.

She is a virtual midwife to many who are not within her local geographical area of travel.

She helps pregnant moms, doulas midwives, and people just like you find the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to trust birth and have the experience you desire.

She is the author of Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies. Which has sold over 100,000 copies!

Pregnancy and childbirth can be so confusing, what’s safe? what isn’t? What’s best to take to the hospital? What’s best for my baby? So many books, posts, blogs, friends, parents (the list goes on!), all offering different advice and sometimes sharing things that may not necessarily be true!

Using essential oils in pregnancy creates empowerment that is so valuable. Being able to have solutions that are timely and effective is essential.

Join me in this journey and you will learn answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

➳ Everything you wanted to know about using essential oils safely in pregnancy

➳ My favorite blends to have for pregnancy, labor and postpartum.
➳ Tips and tricks for relaxation in labor.
➳ Postpartum and baby care.
➳ So much more!

Seriously…I have packed this website with SO much information, I promise you…I am NOT holding ANYTHING back!

Hi Stephanie I just wanted to say I downloaded your ebook and it’s AMAZING! I must admit I wasn’t sure about buying it as I have your book - but it’s the perfect partner to the book. The roller blends are epic - there are SO many! I read the whole of it yesterday and will be rereading again today and going back through it at different times in pregnancy, birth, and beyond. THANK YOU! I have also been using smart & sassy & fennel & your candida roller blend and it’s made a huge difference. Thank you again for sharing before I even bought your ebook. When I first found out I was pregnant I avoided most oils as there’s so much mixed information out there. But with your books, I feel confident and like I have a tool for anything pregnancy or the early days might throw at me. I didn’t have oils 5 years ago with my son and I’m so happy they’re now in my life. Thank you again for sharing all you do and empowering women.
- Claire

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! Your book helped me with my last pregnancy (had my baby in February) it was my best pregnancy/delivery because of doTERRA and all the info you share in your book… I was able to have my dream home birth!!!

- Franny

Also, thank you so much for all the work that you do! I didn’t really do oils at all prior to pregnancy. However, pregnancy and my initiation into motherhood gave me that massive intuitive hit (as it does) and I have been going down a new natural route ever since and started building an oil collection. I’ve followed your page and it’s been incredibly helpful for someone who is very much a beginner. I’ll definitely look to purchase your essential oil guide. Thank you again! 

- Tia

My husband have been trying to conceive since last January. I am happy to let you know I am now 8 weeks pregnant. After 3 miscarriages I felt hopeless, I bought your book and did as you suggested in your fertility chapter! I just am over the moon and so grateful to you and doTERRA for supporting my body and helping me conceive. I know it’s still early days and anything could happen but I am very grateful that I’ve got this far because it’s given me hope. I wish this message could be spread across the world to loads of people who have been through similar situations to me. If I didn’t have doTERRA and your book I probably would have sought medical help and we both know that’s not the support I actually needed. Thank you for your hard work putting your knowledge into that book. I feel so blessed 
- Megan

We had a consultation a few months ago and I just found out I am pregnant after years of trying! I attribute this miracle to your fertility protocol which I followed exactly since our consult. We are celebrating a positive pregnancy test. Thank you for your time and knowledge.

- Bridget

I scheduled a virtual prenatal with Stephanie after suffering a miscarriage and D&C. I was looking for everything and anything natural or holistic to aid my body in healing and felt like I had no real direction. In my appointment with Stephanie, she gave me hope. She reassured me in all my doubts, she gave me peace and direction. She was the voice of reason I needed in that dark time in my life. She allowed me to believe in myself again. She directed me toward a protocol and I’m about to start! I can’t wait to send her a picture of our rainbow baby one day, thanks to her support and guidance in our journey! 

– Amber

“I had a virtual prenatal appointment with Stephanie to help me process my emotions after my miscarriage. Stephanie was extremely knowledgeable, professional and kindhearted as she and helped get through one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through. I feel as though a dark cloud had lifted from me. Her compassion and validation was exactly what I needed. I know I was divinely guided to Stephanie and I will sing her praises all day! Whether it’s a miscarriage, pregnancy, birth or postpartum I highly recommend her expertise and guidance”.  

- Veronica 

We worked with Stephanie as a virtual midwife throughout our pregnancy in the Dominican Republic. We moved to the DR at the beginning of our pregnancy and we had no idea what we were going to do for our prenatal care and birth. We don’t trust the medical system here and we knew we wanted a home birth. 
When Stephanie was recommended to us we had never even heard of virtual midwifery and had no idea if it would even work. It was wonderful. We were able to meet with her via zoom from our house and she taught us everything we needed to know. She showed us how to take measurements, gave an appropriate nutrition, supplement, and essential oil plan. She gave us all the information we needed to make well informed choices on the medical care we wanted to get. 
She is the most supportive midwife we have ever worked with. She never pushed us towards anything we weren’t comfortable with and trusted that I knew my body and my baby. Her essential oil knowledge and recommendations were a game changer for us. I had so few symptoms and an easy birth and I know that was a huge part of it.
I was struggling the night before my baby was born and I reached out to her and she talked me through all my fears and frustrations which put me in the place to relax and let my body do what it was meant to do. We had the most amazing, peaceful, profound birth.
All-in-all, I have only good things to say about Stephanie and her virtual midwife program and I absolutely would recommend it to anyone.

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