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At The Essential Midwife, we are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized services to support women on their unique journeys through pregnancy and beyond. Our range of offerings includes personalized consultations catering to women who are pregnant or actively trying to conceive. During these sessions, we delve into individualized wellness plans, incorporating the transformative power of essential oils to enhance the overall experience of pregnancy. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge GI Mapping services, utilizing the advanced GI-MAP test. This instrumental tool allows us to detect potential pathogens that might be at the root of various symptoms, enabling us to address underlying issues and promote holistic well-being. Furthermore, we proudly extend our reach through Virtual Midwifery services, offering expert guidance and support from the comfort of your own space. Whether you are seeking assistance in your fertility journey, exploring the intricacies of your gut health, or embarking on the incredible adventure of motherhood, The Essential Midwife is here to provide personalized care and empower you on every step of your unique path.

Essential Wellness Virtual Consultation

Essential Wellness Consultation

Nurturing Your Pregnancy and Fertility Journey

Personalized Wellness Planning

Tailored consultations to address your unique needs, whether you're on the path to conception or navigating the beautiful journey of pregnancy.

Essential Oil Integration

Explore the transformative benefits of essential oils in enhancing your well-being during preconception, pregnancy, and beyond.

Expert Guidance

Receive compassionate and informed guidance from The Essential Midwife, empowering you with knowledge and support for a holistic and harmonious journey.

Empowered Care Anywhere

Virtual Midwifery with The Essential Midwife

Accessible Expert Guidance

Receive personalized midwifery support from the comfort of your own space, connecting virtually with The Essential Midwife for expert advice and guidance.

Flexible and Convenient Sessions

Virtual Midwifery offers the flexibility of scheduling consultations at times convenient for you, ensuring personalized care that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Comprehensive Support

Whether you're seeking guidance on pregnancy, birth planning, or postpartum care, Virtual Midwifery provides comprehensive support, fostering a sense of confidence and empowerment throughout your unique journey.

TEM Virtual Midwife
GI Map Test with The Essential Midwife

Path to Gut Wellness

Discovering Harmony with GI Mapping

Comprehensive Pathogen Detection

The GI Mapping service employs advanced testing to detect and identify potential pathogens, providing crucial insights into the root causes of various symptoms.

Holistic Gut Health Assessment

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your gut health, allowing for targeted interventions and personalized strategies to promote overall well-being.

Guided Healing Plans

Receive expert guidance and personalized recommendations from The Essential Midwife based on the results of the GI Mapping test, empowering you on a journey towards improved gut health.


At The Essential Midwife, our consultations are personalized to meet your specific needs. Whether you're trying to conceive, pregnant, or seeking general wellness guidance, expect a comprehensive discussion about your health and goals. We'll explore essential oil integration, address your concerns, and craft a tailored wellness plan to support you on your unique journey.