Balance Your Estrogen

Hey Mama, did you know that night sweats and hot flashes are an indication of an imbalance of estrogen. Phytoestrogen is not an estrogen supplement, its job is to clear out all of that excess estrogen that happens when hormone receptors are blocked by endocrine disruptors. We end up with way too much estrogen in our body because the xenoestrogens , the man made substance that mimics estrogen, block the estrogen receptors on our cell. They fill them up, but they can’t activate the cellular function that the body’s natural estrogen does. It’s like the wrong key in the lock. Then the body makes more estrogen because the need isn’t satisfied. Phytoestrogen cleans off those xenoestrogen and allows the natural form of estrogen that our body makes to do its job. Phytoestrogen and Bone Nutrient are the answer, they work hand and hand with this. The Bone Nutrient is a calcium magnesium supplement that just magnifies the phytoestrogen. I also have a hormone support blend that may be helpful. 

Hormone Support Blend

25 Clary Sage

15 Marjoram  

15 Geranium 

10 Frankincense

8 thyme

5 Cypress

5 Eucalyptus

5 Lavender

3 Ylang Ylang 

Put in 10 ml roller and top with fractionated coconut oil. 

Apply to the bottom of your feet, your inner ankles, the back of your neck, and behind your ears every morning and before you go to bed. Remember don’t buy your oils on Amazon, you can get a wholesale customer account from me. Just let me know that you want to jump in and I’m happy to assist you through this journey.

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