Collagen to Support Stretching Baby Bump

Hey Mama, let’s talk about stretch marks. Have you been told to use cocoa butter or certain creams to help prevent stretch marks in pregnancy? Did you know that stretch marks are really small tears in the supporting layer of the tissue under your skin as it stretches really tight in pregnancy. There’s no strong evidence to support claims that cocoa butter and creams can prevent them. This is because stretch marks are due to the collagen in your skin and how well your skin stretches, which all comes down to genetics. Chances are if your mom or your sister had them, you will probably too. No amount of expensive creams are going to stop this from developing as your baby grows and you get bigger in pregnancy. I can tell you helichrysum essential oil actually helps with tissue repair. So while it may not prevent them, it certainly can be very supportive for your stretching skin and I do have a blend that is helpful for this and it has Helichrysum in it. You can find that in my book  Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies. You can find that on my website at Rapid weight gain in pregnancy can also trigger those stretch marks. Also, DoTerra has a MetaPWR Advantage line that’s collagen. It can actually help with your skin’s elasticity as well as a plethora of other things in pregnancy. If you have questions about stretch marks or managing your weight gain in pregnancy please drop me a DM, because I am teaching classes about this all the time. I’d love to have you join me in one.

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