Essential Oil Labor Support Blend

Interesting FACT…

Did you know there is a direct connection between your throat and your cervix? Labor is a LOT of work and just like if you were straining to lift something heavy you may make some noise as you lift it. I don’t know why but making noise always helps. The same applies in labor, as you are working hard you may make noises. I encourage moms to keep their voice low instead of high pitched because it helps to low noises open up the cervix. Think of the sound that comes out when you “moo” like a cow vs screaming. A moo sound is noticeably lower than the sound of a scream.

Sometimes the pain of labor can cause a nausea reaction in the body. Nausea is a natural pain reflex. This labor support blend is a perfect blend to support mom in both the pain of contractions as well as the normal nausea that often accompanies contractions especially in transition when you think you can’t go on any longer. Apply as often as you desire even every 15 minutes if needed. All the oils used in this blend are perfectly safe for mom and baby in labor.


Essential Oil Labor Support Blend

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