Life Long Vitality

If you’ve ever wanted happier moods, to feel less stress, to get sick less often, reduce aches & pains, to have mental clarity and SUSTAINABLE energy and SO MUCH MORE… then you need to give your body what it needs to give you these things. These are complaints I hear nearly everyday and LLV is my answer most of the time!What we put IN our bodies matters so much. It either improves our health or depletes our health.

Lifelong Vitality helps your body to THRIVE.

It’s also the #1 supplement (prenatal vitamin) I recommend for pregnancy. It is fantastic in supporting your body through pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

You may see/hear me reference the Life Long Vitality Trio supplements as a prenatal vitamin, just to clarify, dōTERRA does not label it as a prenatal vitamin, but it IS a GREAT supplement to add to your dōTERRA wellness lifestyle when PREGNANT and I personally recommend it to all my clients.

Because the LLV is a “whole food” supplement, our bodies assimilate it much better than synthetic vitamins. That means your body is actually utilizing all of it, verses eliminating it because it’s synthetic. The nutrients in the LLV are in the PERFECT amounts for our bodies to assimilate at one time including iron. I recommend taking the full dose when pregnant or breastfeeding to assure you are getting enough.

Vitamin A from natural food sources doesn’t have any effects on your baby. In dōTERRA’s LLV the Vitamin A is a natural source. Your body will only use what it needs.

Lifelong Vitality gives your body:

  • 12 servings of fruits & veggies,
  • All of your vitamins & minerals in whole food form
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Natural energy cofactors to literally create energy in your cells
  • All of the Omegas your body needs to thrive
  • POWERFUL antioxidants

There is SO much in these bottles, and our foundational health is VITAL for your body to feel and BE in a healthy state.

What we give our bodies today will determine the health of our bodies tomorrow.

It’s been 9 years since I started personally using the LLV supplements and I’m grateful every day for what these supplements have given me and SO many of my clients.

Life Long Vitality