It’s Not Your Fault

Hey mama…just for the record… It’s. Not. Your. Fault!

Some babies just seem to fuss a lot with no apparent reason. Some babies want to be held all the time just as if they were still in your womb. Some babies just seem to cry a lot despite your best efforts. Some babies want to eat every hour, all day and night. Some babies just don’t seem to sleep much. Some babies need to be rocked nonstop just like it was for them in your womb. Some babies don’t know how to self soothe! Some babies are just really really hard to read! Knowing your baby’s temperament will help you understand how she responds to the world around her. ⁣

I hear so many mamas blaming themselves for the stressful times that come when your baby doesn’t sleep, a baby who cries a lot or a baby who doesn’t settle easily. I want you to know that babies are born with a temperamental personality, and challenges that are NOT the result of you not being a good enough mama, or thinking your baby doesn’t like you or feeling like you’re somehow you’re failing at this mama thing! Trust me, they are trying to figure this life outside the womb out too.

An easy or mellow baby responds to the everyday commotion, loud noises, exhaustion and hunger with a smile. They are content to be held and eat when you have the time. An easy baby helps you feel like a successful mama. ⁣⁣⁣

A sensitive baby, on the other hand, is very touchy. The doorbell rings causing tears, and once they start, they’re hard to stop. A touchy baby is interested in his new world, he just can’t always handle it. ⁣⁣⁣

A passionate baby has a big personality with big emotions. He cries desperately when he’s hungry as if he’s being starved. This can make you feel like you’re doing something wrong or become confused about what your baby wants.⁣⁣

And then there are drama babies… they don’t cry, they scream! Being the mama of a drama baby can be challenging. But you’ve got this mama! Just know that you’re not alone and you are stronger than you think!

Here’s the thing, everyone likes a roller bottle because they are convenient! the goal is to use your oils and if it’s easy you will…so my intention is to make it easy! Here are a few of my favorite baby blends to help you navigate through the learning curve of knowing your baby’s temperament. 

When you have a fussy baby you don’t want to take time to gather all the oils and open one by one to apply. Fast and easy is the name of the game!

These blends are already perfectly diluted and ready to apply to their sensitive skin. Your blends are pre-made because we know it has to be easy at 3 am. 

These are my top Baby Blends

Baby’s Sleepy Time Blend: 

Put in a 10mL roller bottle and fill to top with FCO. Apply on the feet nightly, you can also apply down the spine for the really rough nights. Diffuse Serenity for an extra boost. 

Sleep Diffuser Blends

Here are some of my favorite sleep diffuser combos.

For the anxious sleeper: 

For the restless sleeper: 

For the one who wakes up a lot: 

For the light sleeper: 

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