Postpartum Baby Blues & Heavy Heart

I hear you mama…it’s day 5, you’re home from the hospital, your mom just left to head back home, your hubby had to go into work for a few hours and you’re home alone with 2 other small kiddos and your new baby.

Your milk came in two days ago and you’re super uncomfortable with engorgement. No one told you it was going to be this hard.

You want to cry but you don’t know why, this should be such a happy time for you, after all… you waited 9 months for this baby and it’s finally here!

For those of you who know this mama…here’s the thing…she may not tell you how she’s really feeling so you just have to take charge as if you can read her mind.

Take a meal over early along with a “care” package just for her. You think it might be a good idea to snag her kiddos so she can go take a nap and snuggle with her baby but I’m thinking what she really needs is some adult conversation, and to ask her questions like, how are you feeling? how’s breastfeeding going? Someone to listen to how she really feels. Even watching a chick flick together. We always release emotions with a chick flick even if we didn’t even know we had them to release.

Having a baby changes everything and that’s wonderful but also really hard. Everyone else’s world stays pretty much the same, but mama will never be the same again.

Even days and weeks later, please check in on this mama! Whether it’s a visit or just a phone call…she needs you!

A relaxing foot massage will give you something to do while having a caring conversation with her.

Postpartum Baby Blues & Heavy Heart

Think of this blend when you’re feeling overwhelmed and just need a little extra uplifting support or when the “baby blues” have turned into intense sadness.

Simply put these oils in a 10 mL roller bottle and fill to top with FCO. Rub in your palms and inhale then apply to your pulse points including inside forearms, back of your neck, and ears as often as needed. It also makes a great foot massage blend to give a friend or mama who just had a baby.

SIP/B – (Safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding)

Adaptive diffuser blends: