Birth, Baby & Postpartum Essentials

I hear you mamas!! You have asked several times what the best, SIP (safe in pregnancy) and most cost-effective way to get started with essential oils. So…here it is…The Perfect Pregnancy kit!

These oils are my essential go-to’s when you are about to welcome a new baby.

Adaptiv is for the mama who is trying to keep it all together on the outside but on the inside is falling apart and doesn’t know where to turn! Everyone thinks you should be on top of the world and you are ashamed to admit that you’re not.  A natural and nonaddictive way to help promote calm and happy feelings!

Lavender is amazing to apply to baby’s feet with fractionated coconut oil especially in the beginning when babies sometimes have their night and days mixed up. 

Lemon boosts your immune system by raising your pH levels. It is the perfect maintenance detox for your body especially in pregnancy because it’s very gentle but offers so much support!

Balance is a fantastic oil to apply to baby’s feet to align and ground your baby to life outside of the womb. It helps to balance babe to his new surroundings. It’s also fabulous to diffuse in labor to help calm and keep you focused on your perfect birth.

OnGuard is a great oil to diffuse all the time, especially for winter babies to support the whole family’s immune system as well as any visitors you may have. 

Deep Blue is super supportive for low back discomfort in both pregnancy and labor, or even the occasional postpartum headache.

Peppermint in the diffuser is a great pick-me-up when you feel like you’ve been up all night and you just want to go back to bed at noon. Add 2-3 drops of Lemon for an instant breath of fresh air.  Diffusing these two together will give you the afternoon boost you sometimes need to carry you through the day. (For pregnancy only, as this my decrease milk supply). This will be your go-to oil for nausea as well.

Breathe is perfect when you experience pregnancy congestion. Breathe is the go-to oil for all things respiratory. Coughs, tight airways, and stuffy noses don’t stand a chance against this powerful oil. 

DigestZen is relief in a bottle! When you have way too much to eat and your tummy is uncomfortable, add a drop or two of this oil in water and drink. The best thing out there for digestive discomforts in pregnancy. Say goodbye to bloating, heartburn and indigestion! I’m telling ya… it’s like Magic!!

Copaiba is my new go-to for EVERYTHING! There are seriously SO many great things about this amazing oil, you will NOT want to miss out on this gem, it helps all the other oils work better! A MUST have for your birth bag to support all pains in pregnancy, birth and with your baby. 

Diffusing is one of my favorite ways to use essential oils both at home and at your birth. The Healthy Essentials kit comes with a bonus diffuser, it’s the perfect kit when you are focusing on Birth, Baby & Postpartum Essentials 

Fractionated coconut oil – With any oils and a brand new baby, you want to be diluting, so make sure you have a great carrier oil. My favorite is fractionated coconut oil.

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