Round Ligament Support

There are lots of “normal” discomforts in pregnancy, after all, the body is creating a human and that’s a lot of work.  Nevertheless, those discomforts are real, but we have natural tools to help and sometimes understanding what is happening is half the battle.

Did you know that you have round ligaments on each side of your low abdomen? In the first trimester, they are as small as your pinky finger.  By the time you near the end of the third trimester, they have stretched as long as a pencil and as thin as its lead.

Essential oils can be a great support for this. You can layer AromaTouch blend and white fir on your low abdomen as needed to support.

Pubic Bone Discomfort is another one of those “normal” frustrations in pregnancy. This comes from your body releasing the hormone called relaxin. This is to relax your pelvic joints so a baby can fit through the pelvis easily. It can be extremely uncomfortable and honestly, delivery is the only thing that REALLY helps as it usually goes away after delivery.

Your chiropractor can do a pubic bone adjustment to help with this and you can purchase a support belt that is designed to compress and support the sacroiliac joints, as well as the muscles that wrap around your belly to support a growing uterus thereby relieving stress and instability while supporting your hips.


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