doTERRA’s TerraZyme Digestive Enzyme Complex is probably one of my favorite products doTERRA offers. You’ve probably heard the saying your gut is your second brain and I’m pretty sure that’s true.  If the digestive system is on track you are set up for your whole body system to be on track and the opposite it true also. Most of our physical complaints can be addressed by supporting our gut. I’ll be honest…I sometimes forget to take all my supplements every day, but I NEVER forget my enzymes.

TerraZyme is a proprietary blend of active whole­food enzymes and supporting mineral cofactors that are often deficient in cooked, processed, and preservative-laden foods. TerraZyme’s powerful combination of digestive enzymes support the body’s constant production of enzymes critical for healthy biochemical functions throughout the body including healthy digestion of food nutrients and cellular metabolism of nutrients to energy. TerraZyme includes a variety of whole-food enzymes that help with digestion of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, and fiber.

You are going to love this list of benefits…

  • Supports healthy digestion and metabolism of enzyme-deficient, processed foods• Speeds conversion of food nutrients to cellular energy• Promotes gastrointestinal comfort and food tolerance

    • Supports healthy production of metabolic enzymes

    • Provides important mineral co-factors for systemic enzymatic activity

    Enzymes do more than what we think…
    Enzymes are not only necessary for digesting food nutrients and converting nutrients to energy in cells, they also function as catalysts in almost all cellular functions and chemical reactions throughout the body. Enzymes play a critical role in growth, healing, and reproduction. They are also necessary for breathing, thinking, immune function, hormone regulation, detoxification, and thousands of other biochemical functions.

    The body’s constant need to produce digestive enzymes can result in chronic deficiencies in metabolic enzymes that are critical for optimal health and cell function. One example of an important metabolic enzyme is superoxide dismutase (SOD) which protects cells from free-radical molecules. Metabolic enzymes are also necessary for energy production, tissue growth and repair, and managing toxic waste products. When we eat foods that are rich in food enzymes, our bodies can use fewer resources to produce digestive enzymes and have more capacity to create optimal levels of metabolic enzymes.

    TerraZyme is safe to use with every meal, every day by all members of the family, even pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It includes doTERRA’s Tummy Tamer Blend of peppermint, ginger, and caraway seed extracts to promote gastrointestinal comfort for those using TerraZyme for targeted digestive health.

    Enzymes included and the activity they support

    • Protease – Breaks down protein to peptides and amino acids.

    • Amylase – Breaks down carbohydrates, starches, and sugars.

    • Lipase – Breaks down fats and oils to be absorbed in the intestine.

    • Lactase – Breaks down lactose that is found in milk sugars.

    • Alpha Galactosidase – Breaks down complex polysaccharide sugars found in legumes and cruciferous vegetables that can cause bloating and gas.

    • Cellulase – Breaks down fiber to help digest fruits and vegetables.

    • Maltase – Breaks down maltose sugars to glucose for energy.

    • Sucrase – Breaks down sucrose to fructose and glucose for energy.

    What Makes TerraZyme Like No Other?

    • Proprietary blend of eight active whole-food enzymes

    • Patented Enzyme Assimilation System of essential whole-food mineral cofactors including 72 trace minerals

    • doTERRA Tummy Taming Blend™ of peppermint, ginger, and caraway seed

    • Whole-food formula made with sodium lauryl sulfate-free HPMC vegetable capsules

    • Safe to use by everyone in the family EVEN pregnant and breastfeeding moms



doTERRA TerraZyme

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