Turmeric Benefits

smells amazing…said no one ever! But the benefits truly ARE amazing! The
question I keep getting is… “How is the oil different than the spice, do I
have to take it with black pepper and is it safe to use in pregnancy and while
breastfeeding?” The
short answer is VERY different, NO and YES! When
you take a turmeric supplement that has been derived through the CO2 extract
process, you get lots of curcuminoids; valuable, but they are not very
digestible.  Hence our need to take other
things with it to help increase bioavailability.

This why you will often hear you need to take it with black pepper to improve the absorption rate. dōTERRA’s Alpha CRS+ and Deep Blue Polyphenol complex both contain turmeric. These formulations combine the botanical AND the essential oil to increase the bioavailability of curcuminoids to get 7x increased absorption.

dōTERRA’s Turmeric essential oil has been distilled to obtain Turmerones, which is readily absorbed and easily acts on cell membranes.  So, no need to take other things with it.

I would be happy to have you join me on this dōTERRA journey. Turmeric is my new go-to oil like Frankincense and Copaiba. I take it every day as it’s included in my Superhero blend.

SIP – Safe in pregnancy/breastfeeding

have a new kid on the block…drum roll!… dōTERRA
totally raised the bar when they created something that has NEVER been done
before!!! We now have an inner layer of the botanical extract and an outer
layer of the essential oil all in ONE capsule, intended to promote better
absorption. This is revolutionary my friends.

TURMERIC BOTANICAL is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps protect our bodies from foreign invaders, supports healthy heart & brain function, improves metabolic function, all while being restorative to the body.

TURMERIC OIL: increases bioavailability of curcuminoids for better potency and bioavailability, supports a healthy nervous system, decreases inflammation, reinforces the immune system, and healthy cellular function (specifically cell apoptosis).

My hubby and I haven’t missed a day since we got them and we both feel such a
difference! I
prefer the dual chamber capsules that have both the botanical and the essential
oil, but you can also take 1-2 drops internally for cell viability and
protection. Use topically over certain areas to calm tissue irritation.
Turmeric is great paired with Green Mandarin to support the respiratory system.
Pair it with Yarrow/POM to support a healthy inflammatory process in the body.
And the good news is ALL these are safe to use in pregnancy and while
breastfeeding! Did
you know on an energetic level, turmeric oil cleanses chakras and energy fields
and promotes feelings of prosperity? Ummm… YES, I’ll take that!