Have you ever wondered what those centimeter measurements actually look like in labor?

I’m a visual learner so I thought this might help to visualize exactly what it looks like when your doc or midwife says you are xx cm dilated.

Putting things into perspective with some everyday items! However, keep in mind that your cervix isn’t being stretched to the unknown in order to squeeze the baby out, but instead, it’s actually disappearing, to let the baby out. I think this is pretty incredible!

You will dilate 0-10cm, a cheerio-bagel for you visual lovers.

Early Labor:

•1 cm, about the size of a cheerio

•2 cm, the size of a penny

•3 cm, the size of a banana slice

Active Labor:

•4 cm, the size of a Ritz cracker

•5 cm, the size of a Babybel

•6 cm, the size of a cookie

•7 cm, the size of a baseball

Transition Phase:

•8 cm, the size of the top of a wide mouth jar

•9 cm, the size of a donut

•10 cm, the size of a large bagel

Yes, we women are AMAZING!!


This blend smells amazing and can also helpful for labor pain with fear and anxiety.  

8 drops ylang ylang

8 drops clary sage

8 drops helichrysum

8 drops Copaiba

4 drops lavender

4 drops peppermint

4 drops marjoram

Put oils in a 10 ml roller bottle fill to top with FCO and use as a relaxing, anti-inflammatory and massage blend during early or active labor.

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