Postpartum Hair Support

We all know that being pregnant and having a baby is HARD…but one of the perks of pregnancy is awesome thick hair. Normally, we lose around one hundred strands of hair on any given day, but in pregnancy because of our increased progesterone levels the process of that hair loss is minimal, so less falls out. your hair may feel fuller, and even look healthier and shinier.  This is not only because of increase progesterone but also your prenatal vitamins play a significant part as well. After the baby arrives, everything changes…

While you are baby mooning even though on the outside everything seems wonderful you still may have the quiet tears that only you see as you shower and see handfuls of your hair in your hands. Need a little support to have your thick hair back? Your body is craving nutritional TLC, so give your body what it needs with the Life Long Vitality pack and stimulate new hair growth by supporting your scalp with the doTERRA’s Root to Tip Serum. Together, these will support your hair to be stronger than ever before!  Also, did you know there may be a zinc deficiency? A good zinc supplement added to your LifeLong Vitality supplements will be your friend. 

Clary Sage is all about supporting your hormones, and when it comes to postpartum your hormones need a LOT of support. You may have heard me say to avoid clary sage in pregnancy, so this blend is one you will save for postpartum hair support. One of Rosemary’s superpowers is increases cellular metabolism that stimulates hair growth while thickening hair at the same time.  Cedarwood and Siberian Fir may help stimulate the hair follicles by increasing circulation to the scalp. 

Postpartum Hair Support Blend:

Gently mix and massage some of the mixture into your scalp at least 30 min before you wash your hair (but it can be the night before you wash it in the morning) Just use it each time before you wash even if it’s not every day. 

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