Coffee Enema

Well…here it is, you asked for it. But before I continue, please know this is NOT something I recommend in pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

When I posted the picture about how I take my coffee my intention was just to bring a little humor as I gave you a look of what a day in the life of a midwife looks like.

TEM Coffee Enema

TEM Coffee Enema

Everyone always says I have the best job ever. The truth is I don’t consider being a midwife a “job” at all. I LOVE what I do, but it doesn’t come without stress.

I learned the hard way how important self care is as the last several years of stress showed up in my life as stage 4 Lyme disease and EBV (Epstein-Barr virus).

When my natural path first suggested coffee enemas to me, I thought it was crazy and I could never do that. but at the time, I was desperate.  Exhausted all the time, even though I had just slept 12 hours I was barely functional. My list of complaints were a page long! I was willing to try anything. To my amazement, I noticed a difference when I did them, so much better that as a midwife who felt crappy and yet still needed to show up for others, I was willing to try this crazy thing called coffee enemas.

Coffee enema’s stimulate the liver and gallbladder to increase the flow of bile, helping the liver in its detoxification efforts. Zendocrine essential oil (Detoxification blend) helps do this same thing. Zendocrine blend including the softgels are specific to the liver. It increases bile production and has powerful antioxidants specific to the liver.  The oil blend is all about protecting the liver and opens up the liver ducts so it can do its job more effectively. I often add a few drops in my coffee before adding the water when I make my enemas.

Coffee enema’s can help detoxify heavy metals, support a healthy gut, and boost the immune system.

I’m not going to lie, coffee enema’s were not the only thing I did to turn my health around. There were some days I was completely overwhelmed with the health and wellness routine I was committed to everyday including essential oils, juicing, smoothies, probiotics, lots of supplements, enemas, IV nutrition, chelation and so much more...but it was worth it! Today I feel SO good, I hike nearly everyday, I am able to keep up with my grandchildren, I feel good and I don’t need a 4 hour nap everyday!

I usually focus on pregnancy birth and babies, but If you want to know more about my recovery and the things I did while on my path back to health please let me know in the comments.

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