The Amazing Oil Turmeric

Can we just talk about the amazing oil turmeric for a bit, The question I keep getting is…”How is the oil different than the spice, do I have to take it with black pepper and is it safe to use in pregnancy and while breastfeeding?”

The short answer is VERY different, NO and YES! 

When it comes to the supplement curcuminoids are in the capsules and they have a poor absorption rate, so you cannot get the full value from them. This is why you will often hear you need to take it with black pepper to improve the absorption rate. dōTERRA’s Alpha CRS+ and Deep Blue Polyphenol complex both contain turmeric. These formulations combine the botanical AND the essential oil to increase the bioavailability of curcuminoids to get 7x increased absorption. ?? 

You will find that most turmeric on the market is a Co2 extraction and NOT an essential oil. This is a problem because we don’t get the full chemistry profile with Co2 extraction and the benefits with using it are super inconsistent. Co2 extracts contain water-soluble curcuminoids and very little tumerones, which means poor absorption for us. This is why you’ve heard you should take it with a fat or black pepper for absorption.

Tumerones from the essential oil are readily absorbed, and can easily act on cellular membranes. Hence no fat or black pepper needed, the tumerones in the oil have you covered. They can cross membranes to be active in the body and have many benefits including natural tissue support, increased antioxidant capacity, cardiovascular support, and neuroprotective to even help preserve brain function.

A study showed that healthy neurons in the presence of turmeric improved neuronal response and greater resilience. Stressed neurons in the presence of turmeric demonstrated greater health and activity!

You can take 1-2 drops internally for cell viability and protection. Use topically over certain areas to calm tissue irritation. Turmeric is great paired with Green Mandarin to support the respiratory system. Pair it  with Yarrow/POM to support a healthy inflammatory process in the body. And the good news is ALL these are safe to use in pregnancy and while breastfeeding!!!???

Did you know on an energetic level, turmeric oil cleanses chakras and energy fields and promotes feelings of prosperity? Ummm… YES, I’ll take that! ??‍♀️

This will be an oil I will be going to a lot for aches, discomfort, skin support, mood management, metabolism, and more! How are you using your Turmeric oil? The best part, with the essential oil, you do not need to take it with a fat or black pepper for absorption. The tumerones in the oil have you covered! ???

New to doTERRA and don’t have Turmeric essential oil yet? Not to worry, you can actually snag all these awesome essential oils right here!  

I would be happy to help support you and serve. Turmeric is my new go-to oil like Frankincense and Copaiba. I take it everyday as it’s included in my SuperHero blend. 

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