Cycle Phases

When you have a bunch of girls living in the same house somehow they all start syncing their cycles. This was my family. SIX girls (including our exchange student) and me all on the same cycle. 

My poor husband! His name is Paul and his definition for PMS was Paul Must Suffer. 

Here are some tips for those of you who may be in the same boat as I was or would just like some tips to help navigate with more grace and ease during the month. 

I like to describe this as phases because each week is a different phase and has its own emotions. 

1st phase:

The week of menstruation…You’re more raw & vulnerable. You may be feeling depleted, physically and emotionally. Don’t push yourself to be productive. Rest & reserve your energy by indulging in stillness. Read a book, eat chocolate, wear comfortable clothing. If you’re a mama, find ways to snag some alone alone.

2nd phase:

Follicular… Your mood & energy are rising while your confidence increases. You may want bake that bread, declutter your closet, start a new project, put on an upbeat song & dance with your family. Do it! 

3rd phase: 

Ovulation…This is the peak of your cycle. You may have a more optimistic & hopeful outlook, you feel lighter & you want to have as much fun as you can—even while quarantined. You’re self-assured & it’s easy to verbalize your thoughts & feelings. This is the time to phone an old friend, make outdoor memories with your family, just move your body.

4th phase: 

Luteal…You may feel more stressed out and just want to be alone, especially towards the end of this phase leading into menstruation. You’re less outgoing and less interested in people pleasing. If you experience PMS, it is a sign of underlying hormonal imbalances asking to be addressed. You may want to watch a good Netflix movie, only connect with people who bring you joy, take a break from social media if it’s annoying to see others “being productive”, remember this is only a phase and this too shall pass.

Breastfeeding mamas…

Your hormones still are doing a little wave in the months leading up to your first menstruation after birth. Although they may not surge enough for menstruation to occur, you still may certainly notice your emotions and energy levels change throughout the month. Of course you won’t be able to track your cycle in the same way as I’ve described above, please just give yourself grace knowing that you may not feel the same all the time…and that’s ok! Give yourself grace during this transition back to menstruation and bookmark this post to revisit when the time comes

Hormone Harmony Blend

This fills the roller ball to about half and the rest is FCO, If using this in pregnancy cut ClarySage to 15 drops. Apply to bottom of feet and inner ankle every morning and night before bed.


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