Gemstones, with their powerful energies and profound relationship with the human body, are the perfect energy wellness tools.

Like other forms of energy wellness, gemstone energy wellness uses the body’s inherent healing force to nourish and heal us in multiple ways. Each type of gemstone embodies a unique energy that can focus and amplify this healing force and produce specific therapeutic effects.

Along with essential oils, therapeutic gemstones are part of my natural wellness cabinet I use every day for both personal uses as well as with my clients.

Wearing a gemstone necklace can energize and inspire us, help restore our health, and initiate enduring changes.

Just like the essential oils, the quality and purity and potency must be the very best there is. The gems in a therapeutic necklace must be high enough in quality to deliver the healing and transformation we seek from them.  If gemstones inherent quality is insufficient, if it is filled with impurities and flaws, and it’s color are muddy, its energy will be distorted and weakened. The dyeing, irradiation, and waxing that gems are commonly subjected in the jewelry industry also corrupts the gemstones’ healing energies. I personally use ALL of these therapeutic gemstone necklaces.  If you see me in person, I ALWAYS have a gemstone necklace on, just like I ALWAYS have doTERRA essential oils on.

These are gems I have in my birth bag:

Riverstone to help support mom with labor and transition.

Poppy Jasper to help give mom energy to push.

Rebelle is a gem I wear for my protection

During labor, every cell in the mother’s body is concentrated on one goal, which is the delivery of this baby. If a mom wishes to use Riverstone during childbirth, it is best to place it around her neck after labor is well under way. If labor is progressing slowly or has become stalled, Riverstone will help speed up the process by helping mom dilate and move through transition.

After transition and during the pushing stage, Poppy Jasper is the gemstone of choice. It will give mom access to more energy for pushing.

Poppy Jasper can provide mom with extra energy during the pushing phase. Wearing a Poppy Jasper necklace will give mom additional channels within her body from which she can access more energy, specifically for pushing. She should put on the Poppy Jasper only AFTER the transition phase of labor is completed and pushing has begun.

Gems I recommend for postpartum recovery are;

Light Green Emerine



Mother of Pearl

Light Green Emerine’s soothing effect helps the body to complete a cycle of change. Completing a cycle is soothing because with the end of a cycle we often feel relieved, thankful, and inspired to start a new one. Light Green Emerine focuses on completing a cycle of change that has already been started—such as childbirth. It soothes and smooths the energetic rough spots associated with a particular condition.

Quartz fosters balance in all aspects of your life. When you are more balanced, more life force can flow through you to touch every aspect of your being. Because Quartz’s nature is to promote balance, it brings your entire being into balance in a balanced way—slowly and steadily. It helps balance emotional energies and with more emotional balance, you can handle all situations in a more dignified and balanced way. I think everyone can use a little extra balance and the support of quartz after giving birth. Because of this, Quartz may seem to protect you from the negative emotions of others. However, you will simply become more able to place negative emotions in perspective and to maintain your own balance. Positive emotions will appear enhanced, but only because you will appreciate and enjoy them more. Quartz reminds me of doTERRA’s Balance essential oil. Its one of the oils I recommend for mom use EVERYDAY both throughout pregnancy as well as postpartum.

Rebelle is a gem I personally wear often because of its protection qualities. During prenatal, birth or any other work I do where I interact with others on a therapeutic level, when I often have to divide my attention between my work with the client and the need to protect myself from the energy surrounding or being released by the client. Wearing Rubelle protects me as a practitioner from these released energies, thus freeing me to focus fully on my client. Rebelle is also a great choice to use with moms during their postpartum time.  It has particularly strong and beneficial effects on a woman’s reproductive system. A perfect gem to strengthen, tone, and support the whole reproductive system.

Mother of Pearl stirs and awakens the primordial memory of the infinite divine love from where you came. It stirs this memory in your thoughts, your feelings, and in every cell of your physical body. As your memory opens, this divine love flows into you, repairing the deep wounds created by unfulfilled needs. Mother of Pearl’s energy sings the song of motherly love as it imparts the feeling of being cradled in a loving mother’s arm.

It gives you the feeling that you are resting in the arms of a loving mother. Thus, Mother of Pearl helps those who need some motherly love, whether or not they are aware of that need. At the same time, it brings the security of knowing that the Mother within is always in your heart, ready to give you all the love, support, and comfort you need.

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