Labor and Birth

This is the event you have waited for. There’s no changing your mind now. Your body and this baby have come into perfect alignment with each other, and this is the day. Labor is hard work. Some might interpret that as painful, and some may describe it as intense. Either way, there is a lot going on in your body on all levels: emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. One of the things I love about essential oils is how they address the body on all these levels. The body is a symphony, and when one of these areas is out of balance, it can throw the whole body out of tune.

You may want to dilute essential oils used in labor with fractionated coconut oil, not because they can’t be used undiluted, but because the oils last longer, and they usually accompany a massage, and massage just feels better with a carrier oil. Some moms may be very sensitive to smells while in labor, as some scents can be very overwhelming, so remember that a little goes a long way.

Geranium enhances circulation and is good for labor management techniques, which focus on breathing and pain relief. The AromaTouch blend is also a great choice to improve circulation and relaxation, and it is soothing to both mind and body. The back and shoulders are often areas of tension; massage with fractionated coconut oil to these areas for relief of stress and tension.

Basil and Copaiba can be used to relieve pain during labor and in turn gives you the strength needed to endure with greater ease. Moms can usually cope with labor contractions until they begin to be too painful. When they aren’t able to manage the pain any longer, labor becomes difficult. Have your husband massage basil and copaiba with fractionated coconut oil on your low back.

Black Pepper is similar to basil and copaiba and can be used to relieve pain in labor. This can be especially helpful if you experience back labor. Have your partner massage black pepper and copaiba onto your lower back with fractionated coconut oil.

Serenity calming blend is designed to reduce stress by calming the nervous system, creating a sense of wellbeing, and improving health through the natural reduction of stress and its related symptoms. It also encourages a loving relationship between Mom, Dad, and the new babe, bringing them into balance with a sense of wholeness.

Balance the grounding blend is the perfect blend to balance and ground you. It can be applied on the feet to help relax you and increase a sense of courage as you go through the birthing process. It helps balance electrical energies in the body, giving feelings of courage, confidence, and strength. This blend is empowering. Grounding blend may help the body self-correct its balance and alignment of the spine. It may help overcome fear during the labor process. It brings a feeling of calmness, peace, and relaxation. Balance blend helps to ground and connect you with your lower body. Oftentimes, moms want to run away from contractions and the sensations going on in that part of their bodies. This can come from a past experience, and those same sensations are bringing up difficult memories (such as trauma of some sort). Balance blend helps Mom to stay present and stable in the moment and focus on what her body is doing. It gives her an inner feeling of courage and strength and a feeling of “I can do this.”

Birth Story

I was at Gabby’s birth, and I knew there had been some abuse in her past, so I put Balance blend on my neck and heart area to keep me 100 percent present and aware of her needs. We were sitting together. I was rubbing her back. She was swaying side to side, leaning into me each time she swayed my way. I soon realized she was lingering longer as she swayed my way and took in the aroma of my neck. I just smiled. I knew this was helping her stay grounded as well. Later, when she was in the birthtub, she was very agitated. She wanted me in the tub with her! I knew it was the smell of the grounding oil she needed. This was when I first started using essential oils at birth, and I was still learning my comfort level in using them in labor with clients, so I just opened the bottle and allowed her to smell it. This seemed to have a calming effect on her. She continued to sway in the tub, and with every sway in my direction, she took a big whiff of grounding blend directly from the bottle. After the birth, we visited on the phone. She commented that she needed that oil blend in her everyday life. It was so powerful for her during her birth; it was that aroma that kept her present. She said prior to my opening the bottle when she was in the tub, she was having flashbacks of her past, but when she smelled the oil, she could stay in the present moment. I realized in that moment how powerful Balance, the grounding blend was and the difference it made for this mom. I now use Balance at EVERY birth, and I’m not afraid to apply it directly on Mom’s neck, diluted, or I even put a few drops in her birth tub.

Clary Sage is a uterine tonic that assists with effective contractions. It may help strengthen contractions once they have started. It doesn’t bring on contractions unless everything is already in alignment for labor. Once labor has started, you can apply a drop topically to your pinky toes at the nail bed, the inside ankle bones on both feet and on the lower abdomen every twenty to thirty minutes or until the strength of contractions have increased. I don’t recommend doing this until labor has started or after forty weeks. It can be euphoric and wonderful for relieving anxiety as well. It calms the nervous system, relieves tension, strengthens labor, and helps with expelling afterbirth. I recommend blending Clary Sage with essential oils like Geranium and Lavender and always dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil. These are mild oils, so a 1-1 dilution rate is just fine.

“I used clary sage for my contractions, and I felt it helped make each contraction more effective and come on stronger and faster!” —Phalecia in Utah.

Citrus Bliss Invigorating blend is a combination of all the citrus oils. It makes an excellent delivery room diffuser blend. Not only are the citrus oils antibacterial, they nature’s antidepressant, refreshing, and provide for an overall positive disposition.

Adaptiv blend is great for creating a joyful experience. It is uplifting and calming. Adaptiv blend is a blend of oils that help balance and stabilize emotions. It gives Mom feelings of transformation. Lots of big changes in her life are about to happen, and labor can be overwhelming. Often, in labor, a mom gets caught up with feelings of being overwhelmed by what’s to come, and those feelings can stall the labor’s progression. Adaptiv blend raises her energy levels on a physical as well as an emotional level.

Lavender is a great choice for delivery room atmosphere. Lavender is very calming and soothing and can bring a spirit of gentleness to the delivery room. Balance blend and wild orange are also a great combination for the labor and delivery room.

Myrrh and Peppermint on the abdomen may help to persuade your baby to turn head down.

Rub diluted peppermint topically from hip to hip in a rainbow curve up over ribs, and rub diluted myrrh on low abdomen every 15-30 min for 3 hour or until you feel baby shift which ever comes first. 

This encourages the baby to move away from peppermint and go towards myrrh. 

Lying on a slant board or inversion table for a few minutes, rolling off to one side, and crawling around on the floor for 10-15 min is also helpful. Swimming may also help. 

Posterior Baby:

Rub peppermint topically on low back and Myrrh on low abdomen for a posterior babe.

I also recommend seeing a chiropractor who does the Webster Technique. 

Reduce Bleeding

This blend helps support your body as it gets ready to run a marathon by supporting your body’s tissues with minimal blood loss.


Put in a 10 mL roller bottle and fill to top with FCO. 

Massage into low back and bottom of feet every day from 38 weeks until baby arrives.

Once Labor Has Started

Put in a 10 mL roller bottle and fill to top with FCO. 

Simply massage into the lower back and feet as often as needed during early or active labor.

This Labor Support blend smells amazing and can be helpful for labor pain with fear and anxious feelings. TIP: Diffusing Wild Orange and Balance helps you stay in the present moment, letting go of fear and anxiety.

Grounding and Calming Spray

40 drops Balance grounding blend

4 ounces of distilled water in a glass spray bottle

Relax and Focus Diffuser Blend

Equal parts of Wild Orange and Peppermint

Relaxing Blend

Put in a 10 mL roller bottle and, fill to top with FCO and apply to bottoms of feet.

Helichrysum is my oil of choice for creating lubricant oil for crowning. Mix twenty drops with four tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil and apply all over perineum area. This helps to stretch tissue while minimizing discomfort and swelling, and it helps avoid occasional tears. It also may help prevent bruising of the baby’s head. I like to call Helichrysum the arnica of essential oils. Arnica is a homeopathic that helps with bruising, bleeding, and trauma. These are all the qualities of Helichrysum too.

Perineum Support for Pushing Stage

Gently massage on the perineum during crowning and birth of baby’s head for the occasional bruising, swelling, and bleeding.

“Our son, Micah David, was born around the beginning of December. Stephanie used essential oils on me during the labor and birth of our son, and I know they made a difference. She used Helichrysum on my perineum as he was crowning to help me stretch, minimizing the chance of tearing. Now when I smell Helichrysum, I’m taken back to that amazing moment when our son entered this world!” —Jenny in Arizona.

Cesarean Birth

You can use the same oils for a C-sec as you would with a vaginal birth. Balance blend and Wild Orange are great to diffuse to support a calm feeling when going in for your cesarean birth. I would recommend putting a drop or two of each in your hands and inhaling deeply, then applying to the back of your neck and around your ears. The relaxing blend listed above might be beneficial as well.

Gemstones, with their powerful energies and profound relationship with the human body, are the perfect energy medicine tools. Like other forms of energy medicine, gemstone energy medicine uses the body’s natural healing gifts to nourish and heal us in multiple ways. Each type of gemstone has a unique energy that can focus and amplify this healing force and produce specific therapeutic effects. Along with essential oils, therapeutic gemstones are part of my natural pharmacy, which I use every day for personal use as well as with my clients. Wearing a gemstone necklace can energize and inspire us, help restore our health, and initiate enduring changes.

Just like the essential oils, the quality purity, and potency must be the very best there is. The gems in a therapeutic necklace must be high enough in quality to deliver the healing and transformation we seek from them. If a gemstone’s inherent quality is insufficient, if it is filled with impurities and flaws, and its color is muddy, its energy will be distorted and weakened. The dyeing, irradiation, and waxing that gems are commonly subjected to in the jewelry industry also corrupt the gemstones’ healing energies. I personally use ALL of these therapeutic gemstone necklaces. If you see me in person, I ALWAYS have a gemstone necklace on, just like I ALWAYS have essential oils on.

Two I have in my birth bag are:

Riverstone: Helps Mom with labor and gives her the confidence and encouragement to push her through transition with grace and ease.

Poppy Jasper: Helps give Mom the energy needed to push baby out. It’s like an extra boost of when you think you can’t go on another minute.

“There are too many other helpful gemstones to name here, so please visit to learn more about these amazing tools. When you mention I directed you to their site, they will offer you 15% off your first order. Use code FRITZ15.


I like to call postpartum the “babymoon.” This is a time to bond with this little bundle of love and be pampered yourself. Babies change your world. Enjoy this sacred time because your experience with this baby will only happen once for you. There is still a lot going on in your body. It has just been through a BIG event, and it needs time to recover and come back into a new balance. This is an exciting time, but it is also one of many changes, both hormonal and physical. Give your body the space it needs to come back into its perfect homeostasis.

After the newness of the baby’s arrival wears off, everyone’s life goes back to the way it was before the birth, except for yours. Dad goes back to work, siblings go back to school, and no more meals are brought in if you were lucky enough to have them. You and your body are taking care of two people now, and your body is making some major changes.

Day four of this babymoon period is usually the hardest, so my best advice is to rent a chick flick, one that will surely make you cry. This will give you a way of releasing your feelings of being overwhelmed in a way that is normal to others, so you don’t have to explain them because you wouldn’t be able to if you tried. This is a hormonal change that causes unexplained emotions, even if you’re not normally an emotional person. Usually, all you need is a good cry, and the next day is generally better. Grounding blend will be your friend, so use it every day on the bottoms of your feet, the back of your neck, and even on the bottoms of your baby’s feet. Dads, this is a GREAT day for you to break out your massage skills and pamper Mom with TLC. Applying essential oils to her back would be a perfect way to help her relax and release tension and feelings of being overwhelmed. The essential oils I recommend are two to three drops of Balance blend, Lavender, Tea Tree, On Guard blend, AromaTouch blend, Deep Blue blend, Wild Orange, or Peppermint. Apply on the back one at a time in the order above.

Afterpains are inevitable. Your uterus has grown over the last nine months almost twenty-five times its normal size. Your body contracts after birth to help it return to its pre-pregnancy size. This usually takes anywhere from four to six weeks. When you experience afterpains (menstrual-like cramps), your uterus is contracting and clamping down like a tourniquet on all those blood vessels that fed your baby through the placenta. This is its job so you don’t continue to bleed, but these cramps can be very intense, and even though it is your body doing what it should be doing, it is very uncomfortable.

These afterpains continue for two to three days. They are worse when you breastfeed because your body is responding to the oxytocin hormone released when breastfeeding. Oils that help with this discomfort are Copaiba, ClaryCalm, and Siberian Fir. Apply directly to low abdomen diluted 1-1 ratio for instant relief. The reason for choosing these particular oils is because your uterus is a muscle, and it’s contracting. Think about the oils in the muscle category. Any of those oils would work, but all of these oils are very gentle, so if the baby happens to touch your belly, those oils won’t be too harsh for the baby’s tender skin. This can be helpful after a cesarean birth also. ClaryCalm, the women’s monthly blend, is a women’s hormonal blend that is also very effective and gentle on baby’s skin. This blend helps to balance emotions as it releases tension from the uterus.

After Pain Magic

When you experience after pains, trust this blend can give aid to your uterus while offering you support for discomfort.

Put in a 10 mL roller bottle and fill to top with FCO. 

Apply generously to the lower abdomen after birth for discomfort and support the uterus as often as needed. These are all very gentle oils, so no worries if the baby’s skin comes into contact with this blend on the mama’s tummy.

TIP: Nursing stimulates the uterus, so using this blend just before nursing will be very supportive.

Pad-Cycle/After Birth Peri Spray

Did you know that a frozen pad right after delivery can help with inflammation and discomfort right after birth? Plan ahead with this blend. 

Put it in a 6oz spray bottle topped with witch hazel. Great to just spray directly on perineum area, also spray on pads then put in freezer for cooling pad-cycles. 

TIP: You can also make a spray to spray on Tuck’s pads.

Urinating can be an issue, as some moms may have swelling after birth, and this makes it difficult to urinate. A drop of Peppermint in the toilet helps with this. Often a little smell of grounding blend, Lavender, or calming blend will help with the relaxation your body needs to let go.

My favorite peri spray is super simple. Use Immortelle, the anti-aging blend, twenty to thirty drops, and fill the rest of your spray bottle with fractionated coconut oil or witch hazel. This peri spray may be used on a circumcision also, as it is very soothing and helps with the healing process.

Immortelle, the anti-aging blend, was created specifically for skin and longevity, and it was named appropriately, but this oil has countless other benefits. It is one of my favorite blends because of the amazing powerhouse oils that make up this blend. It can actually accelerate tissue repair, and so it has become my favorite oil of choice for soothing and healing the tender perineum areas after childbirth. If you don’t have an anti-aging blend, Frankincense, Copaiba, Helichrysum, and Lavender are a good mix for the same area.

Hemorrhoid/Peri Spray

Put it in a 6oz spray bottle topped with witch hazel. Great to just spray on tusk’s pads or directly on area, also spray on postpartum pads then put in freezer for cooling and soothing relief after birth. Moms who have their babies circumcised have used this same spray on the circumcised area. They know from personal experience how soothing it feels.

Balance blend helps your body find a new balance. Use every day on the bottoms of your feet. This is a blend that is especially helpful to keep you in the present moment and help you focus on everyday tasks. The grounding blend is made up of tree oils. Trees have roots that are planted firmly into the earth so that the tree can withstand the storms that come and not topple over. Balance grounding blend brings those same benefits into our lives. It keeps us grounded and connected to the earth’s energy and in the present moment, so when life’s stresses come as your body recovers on all levels, you can stand firm and not topple over.

What new mom doesn’t need some rest and relaxation time, whether it’s her first babe or her sixth? That peaceful, calm feeling is vital for successful breastfeeding. The following is a blend that is great to use aromatically. Mix Geranium, Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, two or three drops of each, in the diffuser.

Cesarean moms, DigestZen blend, may help gas pains that occasionally come after anesthesia. Even if those gas pains are in your shoulder, just apply them topically to the area of concern. The anti-aging blend may be especially helpful postpartum for your incision. Use it every morning and night on your scar after staples or tape has been removed. This is already the perfect blend to help the appearance of fine lines and scars. It also has Helichrysum in it, which is beneficial for tissue repair.

“After a very intense delivery at home, I used a mixture of Helichrysum, Lavender, Immortelle, Frankincense and for help in my own healing. We also used Frankincense and Myrrh on our baby. Since then, I have continued to research and use essential oils for our growing family’s needs.”—Sherri in Georgia.

Breastfeeding. The best food you can give your baby is breast milk. Nothing will keep your baby healthy and happy better than breastfeeding. In the last few weeks of pregnancy, your body starts to produce colostrum. It is high in carbohydrates and protein but low in fat. It’s exceptionally high in antibodies to help keep your baby healthy. It’s the easiest food for your baby to digest, which makes it the perfect food for your baby’s first feeding. It also contains high concentrations of leukocytes, which are protective white cells that destroy bacteria and viruses. The PB Restore probiotic you have been taking throughout your pregnancy adds good bacteria and good flora to your colostrum, so those benefits are passed to your baby as you breastfeed. This helps to populate your baby’s digestive tract with good bacteria that destroy disease.

Colostrum is measured in teaspoons rather than ounces because your baby has a very small tummy the first few days after birth. Colostrum is a very high concentration of nutrition for your baby and is full of antibodies. It acts like a natural laxative to help your baby eliminate the meconium in its system. Meconium is the undigested debris from the amniotic fluid in the baby’s digestive system (the poop that looks like black tar poop). It also aids the baby in expelling excess bilirubin, which helps prevent newborn jaundice.

Some moms wonder if this colostrum is enough for their baby, and, indeed, it is. Keep in mind that when a baby is first born, his or her stomach is only about the size of a marble. On day three, it’s about the size of a shooter marble, and on day seven, it’s finally the size of a ping-pong ball. Usually, Mom’s milk comes in around day two or three, and by then, most of the meconium is out of the baby’s system. The poop has changed from that black tar consistency to a mustard yellow color, and his or her tummy is ready for more substance. During this time, I recommend you nurse your baby as often as the baby desires. Frequent feedings ensure the baby is getting enough. I usually recommend every two or three hours during the day. Then, at night, if the baby goes longer between feedings, it’s okay. Count your blessings. In the first week, you may experience some engorgement. Your body will regulate itself according to how much your baby consumes at each feeding.

When your baby was inside your womb, he or she took all the nutrients they needed first and you got any leftovers. Now that the baby is born, your body takes all the nutrients it needs first and baby gets the leftovers. So while you are breastfeeding, you need to consume an extra 500 calories to ensure baby is getting nice, rich milk full of nutrients versus skim milk.

Low levels of essential fatty acids may decrease or inhibit your milk supply. The LifeLong vitality supplements offer the perfect amounts of essential omega fatty acids to help with this. If you feel your body is craving more, you can add extra omega-3 to your daily routine. They have the best source for your fatty acids. Try Copaiba, Fennel, or Basil essential oil to help you increase your milk supply. You can apply all over to the breast, avoiding the nipple, three or four times a day after breastfeeding. There is no need to wash it off before breastfeeding. You can also take these oils internally in a capsule or directly under your tongue and chase them with water.

Another thing that has been known to increase milk production is zinc. Often after being sick you will notice a decrease in milk flow. This is because your body has used up all its zinc supply to get well. Taking a zinc supplement may help to increase the supply. Zinc is also found in the basic vitality supplements.

Milk Maker

Put in a 10mL roller bottle and fill to top with FCO. Apply to breasts, avoiding nipple area after nursing. You should only need this blend for 2-4 days to notice an increase then you can stop and use again when needed like when baby is having another growth spurt. 

Peppermint is an oil that may decrease milk supply. I say “may” because, remember, everybody is different. For some moms, peppermint has no effect, and for others, just smelling it will decrease their milk supply. So, if you are using peppermint for a headache or fever, pay attention to your body and see how it reacts. One or two drops every now and again for a headache may be okay. Four or five drops a day may not. Again, just experiment and see how your body responds. Blends with peppermint in them are generally okay because the peppermint is in such a small amount that it doesn’t usually have the same effect as the single peppermint oil, but start out slow and see how your body responds. TriEase, the seasonal blend soft gels, are safe for pregnancy or while breastfeeding, but keep in mind they do have peppermint in them. If you notice a significant decrease in milk supply, you can make your own capsules with two drops each of lemon, lavender, and tea tree (replacing the peppermint with tea tree). MetaPWR blend is also safe to take while breastfeeding but keep in mind that it does have a small amount of peppermint in it, and peppermint may decrease your milk supply, so you will want to start slow, just like any other blend that contains peppermint. Also, this is not a time to diet or cut calories. You don’t want to use the MetaPWR blend or gum to curb your appetite while breastfeeding.

Dry or cracked nipples are common during the time right after birth. It’s usually the result of an improper latch. A baby’s nursing position is vital to a good latch. Make sure the baby doesn’t have to turn its head to nurse. Also, ensure that you have as much of the areola in the baby’s mouth as possible, and check to ensure it’s an even amount all the way around. Your baby should be belly to belly with you, and his bottom lip should be pulled out as opposed to sucked in. I recommend a cotton nursing pad instead of a disposable one, as they can cause problems like thrush and infections from the chemicals in the pads. If you do experience dry or cracked nipples, you can apply myrrh, geranium, or Sandalwood directly on the affected area. You can dilute it with a drop of fractionated coconut oil, but it can also be applied undiluted. Do this right after nursing, and then there is no need to wash it off before the next nursing session. You might find corrective ointment helpful. It enhances the natural process of healing. It also provides a moisture barrier that helps to protect the skin.

When your baby is having a growth spurt, you may feel like you are not making enough milk. Growth spurts are temporary, but to help meet the needs of your baby, you may need to increase your supply. Other times you may notice a decrease in milk supply is when you menstruate or ovulate; there are great essential oils that can help increase milk supply. Apply two to three drops of fennel in a capsule and take by mouth internally three to four times a day. Apply one to two drops of basil topically on the breast, avoiding the nipple, three to four times a day. This may help increase the milk supply by the next day. When you notice an increase, you can discontinue the fennel and basil. You must increase calories by 500 when breastfeeding to make enough caloric and fat-filled milk for the baby. Nurse as often as you can to help bring up the supply and demand.

Some women are more prone to breast infections than others. Moms who tend to have clogged ducts are usually milk drinkers. Try eliminating dairy from your diet. You should see a difference. Another tip is to change your nursing position often so the baby can empty all the ducts. You may notice an area that usually starts out as a hard lump that may be a little pinkish and tender. This is a clogged duct, and it can be unclogged by gently massaging it in a downward motion toward the nipple. This will usually resolve it as long as you catch it in a timely manner. However, keep in mind that it can change to a full-blown infection, sometimes as quickly as two hours. If this happens, it is very painful, and the infection is accompanied by fever, body aches, and chills. You may feel like you have the flu.

I recommend taking 1000 milligrams of vitamin C every hour. Also, massage some antibiotic-category oils diluted with fractionated coconut oil directly onto that area of the breast. In addition, I recommend putting three or four drops of Tea Tree, Thyme, Clove, and Oregano in a capsule and taking one every one or two hours until you notice an improvement. After that, back off to four times a day for a week, to make sure all infection is gone.

I like to use four different oils in a capsule of four drops each and rotate, using a different combination each time. One of my favorite homeopathic remedies I recommend for the occasional breast infections is phytolacca in a 30c dose. You can get it at a health food store that carries homeopathic remedies. If not, order it online. You will only need three to four pellets under your tongue two to three times a day for a day or two. It works like magic.

Breastfeeding Tips

Drink three to four quarts of water daily.

Don’t drink milk.

Avoid dairy products and caffeine; these both can cause tummy issues in baby. 

Take extra zinc.

Use anti-stress/relaxation oils.

Lifelong vitality supplements daily

Babies respond to FLOW; when they have to work for the milk, they lose interest and get frustrated.

Occasionally, for various reasons, you may need to decrease your milk supply. Try two or three drops of peppermint essential oil in a capsule or a warm tea internally three to five times a day to decrease milk supply. Regular peppermint tea will not have much effect on it, but just one drop of peppermint essential oils is twenty-eight times stronger than one cup of regular peppermint tea.

If you feel engorged or your breasts are too full, you may want to express just enough milk to relieve the fullness. Sometimes, even a warm shower is enough for you to be comfortable. If you express too much, your body will assume it needs to make more. The less milk you release, the more quickly your body will figure out that it needs to decrease its production. Your grandma might tell you to bind your breasts to dry up, but this may cause plugged ducts and can lead to breast infections or abscesses.


One of my favorite parts of being at a birth is putting frankincense on a baby in the first hours after he or she is born. Many cultures do this as a religious practice. I personally think it reduces stress and aids in the bonding experience between parents and babe. When a baby is born, that child comes into a world that is very new. As intense as this experience was for Mom, think about how intense it was for babe. I can’t think of any better essential oil than a drop of frankincense on the baby’s crown and down the spine to help the baby feel that everything’s going to be okay.

I love Lavender and the Serenity calming blend. Both of these can be used with Fractionated Coconut Oil as an excellent carrier oil to use on your baby with great results. You can also diffuse a drop or two of Roman Chamomile in your baby’s room to help relieve tummy discomfort or support a restful night’s sleep.

An abstract in the journal Early Human Development cites a study in which infants were given a bath, some with and some without lavender-scented bath oil. The mothers in the lavender bath oil group were more relaxed. They smiled and touched their infants more during the bath. Their infants looked at them a greater percentage of the bath time, cried less, and spent more time in a deep sleep after the bath. The cortisol levels of this group of mothers and infants significantly decreased. This confirmed the behavioral data showing increased relaxation of the mothers and their infants. These findings support a body of research regarding the relaxing and sleep-inducing properties of lavender aroma. High-quality, pure lavender is the way to go when dealing with a baby. Make sure that the lavender you use is of high quality and has an independently tested therapeutic grade.

The umbilical cord has served for nine months as the method by which babe has been nourished. When the cord is cut, it is an open line to every system in the baby’s body. I have found that myrrh is helpful in creating a liquid seal on this site to protect all systems of the body. I put one drop undiluted on and around the cord stump.

I love Balance blend on baby’s feet. Babies have come from their home (the womb) that they have known for nine months. They have been snuggled in warm water with all their needs met. And now they have been through this stressful birth experience of being squished through this strange canal and into a bright, cold, unfamiliar world. Sometimes, I think babes want to go back inside. This is where the grounding blend comes in handy. It helps the baby remember, oh yes, I think I am supposed to be here, and these voices sound familiar. I think I might stay. One drop of Balance blend can be applied undiluted (Balance already has FCO in it) to the bottoms of the baby’s feet.

Melissa is one of the most powerful essential oils we have, helping us remember our original blueprint and aiding us in reaching our greatest and highest potential. It raises our body’s vibration and reminds us of our spiritual contacts. It repairs DNA damage from thoughts, emotions, and other negative experiences we may have had inside the womb and through the birthing process. It helps us be in harmony with our true spirit, enabling us to let go of any negativity that does not uniquely belong to each of us personally.

Moms may have had thoughts of, How am I going to afford this baby? Or, This baby came at the worst time for me! or even thoughts of wishing it were the other gender. These thoughts may be resolved by birth as far as the parents go, but babies know! They felt that feeling at the time of that thought’s conception. Babies are affected by that energy and the feelings that accompany it. Melissa helps to repair any self-doubt and disharmonious energy. We all have negative thoughts at one time or another. Certainly, they are not meant to bring disharmony to your baby in the womb on purpose, but it happens anyway. Melissa comes to the rescue to offer the divine love and the joy of being here. Every mother and baby needs Melissa every day!

Oils for baby after birth

Frankincense: Apply one drop undiluted on the crown of the head and spine as protection and bonding. It also assists in the circulation and transfer of oxygen in the cells.

Myrrh: Apply one drop on the umbilical cord to help seal the tissue and protect all systems of the body.

Balance blend: Apply one drop on the feet to the ground and align the baby.

Melissa: Apply a scant drop on the bottoms of the feet for DNA repair.

Of course, you can dilute these oils in a 1-1 ratio with fractionated coconut oil.

“I have continued to use the Balance and Frankincense on Micah David almost every day since he was born. We have gotten so many compliments on how calm, alert, mature, and happy our little boy is. I know without doubt that the use of essential oils can be credited in giving him the healthiest start in life.” —Jenny in Arizona.

“I loved, loved, loved using essential oils before, during, and after my pregnancy! It was by far the best pregnancy I have had. I used them with my third baby. I used lemon or any other citrus oil in all my water, and I never experienced swelling. I took the LifeLong Vitality supplements, and I feel my hormones were always balanced. I rubbed frankincense and lavender on my abdomen every day to reduce stretch marks. When the Immortelle blend came out, I switched and used that every day. I loved knowing that, as a mom, I could help my baby have the best ‘in-house’ experience. My recovery was so quick that I had to remind myself when I got tired that I’d just had a baby. The Immortelle blend made healing a very quick process.

I loved having the oils for after delivery to continue to help baby ‘out of the house.’ Because I used Balance, Frankincense, Melissa, Onguard blend, DigestZen blend, and Breathe blend in a daily regimen, my baby was six months old before he ever got sick. He went through flu season and RSV season, traveled all over the United States, and had been around a lot of people. I know he was protected because he was in his own essential oil bubble.” —Kathy in Utah.

Baby’s Sleepy Time Blend: 

Fill to top with FCO. 

Apply on the feet nightly, you can also apply down spine for the really rough nights. Diffuse Serenity for an extra boost.

It’s especially helpful when babies have their nights and days mixed up. 

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression affects ten to fifteen percent of all new moms. There are many changes that are happening in Mom’s body, both physically and emotionally. Hormonal changes can cause stress to the entire body. After the baby is born and the newness wears off, everyone’s life returns to normal, except Mom’s. Hers will never be the same. She may be overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for this new baby, in addition to the already existing responsibilities she has. Sometimes, the realization of this can be overwhelming and result in the “baby blues” or full-on depression.

The LifeLong Vitality supplements taken every day can help balance hormones quickly and help Mom have more energy and feel less stressed as she cares for her new baby and comes into balance with a new normal in her life. The most common nutritional deficiencies in those who suffer from depressive disorders are B vitamins, omega 3, and magnesium. These are all included in the e LifeLong Vitality supplements in the perfect amounts.

Essential oils that will support and uplift you in this changing time are any of the following: grounding blend, calming blend, joyful blend, women’s monthly blend, Bergamot, Wild Orange, Clary Sage, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Rosewood, Sandalwood, or blend for women. I recommend using any of these as a personal perfume that you wear daily. Not only will you smell great, but you’ll also be uplifting your emotions.

Do not underestimate the power of citrus oils. They help normalize neuroendocrine hormone levels and immune function. Basil helps neurotransmitters, and lavender stimulates serotonin release. There are so many choices to assist you with postpartum changes.

Diffusing is another great way to get these oils into your system, along with taking them internally. Frankincense is a great oil to help with any kind of depression. I recommend taking four or five drops under your tongue and chasing with water every day, or you may also put the oil in a capsule.

Every day gives us different experiences and emotions. While each essential oil is similar, they all have their own individual strengths and purposes, including supporting us emotionally. These oil blends are specifically formulated to help us through the times when our emotions are in need of TLC:

Motivate blend contains mint and citrus oils known to energize and elevate.

Cheer blend contains citrus and spice oils known to excite and intrigue.

Passion blend contains spice and herb/grass oils known to soothe and attract.

Peace blend contains floral and mint oils known to calm and support.

Forgive blend contains herb/grass and tree oils known to balance and clarify.

Console blend contains tree and floral oils known to comfort and ground.

To use the essential oils when supporting emotions, you can diffuse aromatically, or you can apply 1–2 drops in your palms, rub your hands together, and inhale deeply from your hands. You can also apply topically to touch points such as the back of the neck, wrists, and over the heart.

Postpartum Depression Blends

Any of the following blends would work great as room diffusers or in a room mister or spray. You can also use them topically as lotions, or place a drop on a pillowcase at bedtime or in a warm bath with sea salt.

Blend 1

Blend 2

Blend 3

Your Oil Shopping List

Immortelle: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps reduce contributing factors to aging skin. Supports skin at a cellular level. Helps sustain smoother, more radiant, and youthful skin. Supports the normal stretch marks in pregnancy. Promotes tissue repair. Used for postpartum peri spray.

Basil: Soothes sore muscles and joints. Assists with clear breathing. Acts as a cooling agent for the skin. Soothes minor skin irritations. Apply to breast to increase milk supply. Promotes mental alertness. Enhances memory function. Sharpens focus while studying or reading. Lessens anxious feelings. Reduces stress. Reduces tension when applied to temples and back of neck.

Black Pepper: Supports occasional back labor. Rich source of antioxidants. Supports healthy circulation. Aids digestion. Enhances food flavor. Helps ward off environmental and seasonal threats. It soothes nerves and lessens anxious feelings.

Clary Sage: May increase strength of contractions once labor starts. Soothes discomfort associated with menstrual cycles. Helps balance hormones. Soothes nervous tension and lightens mood. Calming and soothing to the skin.

Fennel: Relieves occasional indigestion and digestive troubles. Eases menstrual cycles. Supports a healthy lymphatic system. Calms minor skin irritation. Apply topically to breasts to increase milk supply.

Frankincense: Helps build and maintain a healthy immune system. Promotes cellular health. Reduces the appearance of blemishes and rejuvenates skin. Promotes feelings of peace, relaxation, satisfaction, and overall wellness. Good to apply to baby’s crown and back at birth.

Grapefruit: Ten to fifteen drops in a capsule daily to support cortisol/stress levels. Cleanses and purifies. Supports healthy metabolism. Helps reduce mental and physical fatigue. Helps with sore muscles and joints.

Geranium: Promotes clear, healthy skin. Helps calm nerves and lessen stress. Supports liver health. Apply to baby’s feet to help support liver in breaking up bilirubin.

Ginger: Helps ease occasional indigestion and nausea. Promotes overall digestive health.

Copaiba: May be beneficial for nausea in pregnancy. Supports healthy inflammatory response and discomforts in pregnancy and labor. May increase breast milk and makes all the other oils work better! This is in almost all of my blends, and if it’s not, please add it.

Siberian Fir: Did you know the Siberian Fir can magically clear your cell receptors? When your windows fog up on the inside of your new car, it seems almost impossible to clean it off; just when you think they are clean, out of the blue, they get this film on them again. Our cells are much like the inside of our car windows, but Siberian fir can clean them off for good! It should be in everyone’s first-aid kit because of the comfort it brings to any sort of trauma. Great for afterpains.

Balance Blend: Enhances effects of other oils. Creates a sense of calm and wellbeing. Promotes whole-body relaxation. Brings harmony to the mind and body. Evokes feelings of tranquility and balance. Promotes circulation. Supports cellular health and overall wellbeing. Brings harmony to the mind and body. Evokes feelings of tranquility and balance. Promotes circulation. Supports cellular health and overall wellbeing. Lessens stress and helps with anxious feelings and nerves. Apply to baby’s feet at birth. Good to use EVERY DAY.

Helichrysum: Used as tissue support as the baby is crowning. Helps skin recover quickly. Promotes healthy liver function. Supports localized blood flow. Helps detoxify the body. Promotes circulation. Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other blemishes. Promotes a glowing, youthful complexion. Helps relieve tension.

Citrus Bliss: A combination of all citrus oils that support your immune system. Cleanses and purifies air and surfaces. Helps reduce stress and uplifts mood. Positively affects mood with energizing and refreshing properties.

Lavender: Supports blocked tear ducts. Widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities. Soothes occasional skin irritations. Helps skin recover quickly. Eases muscle tension.

Serenity: This is “THE” oil for anxious moms. The one you will use when your baby is crying and when you have still make dinner for your family. The one you will use every night for restful sleep and use it during the day to make yourself stop worrying about life. The one you will use to on your baby’s feet to calm her when she has her nights and days mixed up.  

Lemon: Cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces. Naturally, it cleanses the body and aids in digestion. Supports healthy respiratory function. Promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability. Helps ward off free radicals with its antioxidant benefits. Soothes an irritated throat. Supports baby to process bilirubin at birth.

Tea Tree: Renowned for its cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin. Promotes healthy immune function. Protects against environmental and seasonal threats. Promotes a clear, healthy complexion. Soothes minor skin irritations. Helps purify and freshen the air.

Myrrh: Powerful cleansing properties, especially for the mouth and throat. Soothes the skin. Promotes emotional balance and wellbeing. Apply to baby’s umbilicus after cord is clamped and cut to help cord dry quickly and seal the opening. May help to support the optimal fetal position.

Peppermint: Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing. Alleviates occasional stomach upset. It may help to support the optimal fetal position.

On Guard: USE DAILY to support healthy immune function. Protects against environmental threats. Cleans surfaces. Purifies the skin while promoting healthy circulation. Energizing, uplifting aroma.

Deep Blue or PastTense: Eases muscle tension in the head and neck. Helps reduce tension, stress, and worry. Soothes the mind and body. Calms emotions.

Wild Orange: Powerful cleanser and purifying agent. Protects against seasonal and environmental threats. Uplifting to the mind and body. Supports baby to process bilirubin at birth.

ClaryCalm: Helps balance hormones. Provides temporary respite from cramps, hot flashes, and emotional swings.

Fractionated Coconut Oil: Carrier or diluting oil.

As you prepare on your journey towards labor and birth, remember that you don’t have to navigate it alone. As your trusted midwife, I’m here to offer guidance, support, and personalized care every step of the way. Whether you’re a first-time parent or adding to your growing family, scheduling a consult with me and I can provide you with the confidence and assurance you need for a positive birth experience. Together, let’s create the empowering and transformative birth journey you deserve. Reach out today, and let’s embark on this beautiful journey together.

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