Induction Could Increase Your Chances of Having a Cesarean Birth

Hey Mama…your doc probably has already mentioned induction to you for one of many reasons. But…did you know that induction could increase your chances of having a cesarean birth?

One of the most popular reasons doc may mention this is because you are “about” to go over you EDD (estimated due date) estimated being the key word here. This truly is a fear based reason to scare you into agreeing to an induction.

I get it…you’ve waited 9 months – 40 weeks to hold your sweet baby in your arms and this is a guaranteed date to look forward to. You also are experiencing all the discomforts of 3rd trimester.

I’m the first to say inductions certainly can be medically necessary but there are still LOTS of reasons some are NOT evidence-based that providers will still use to persuade you to have an induction out of fear.

We know that MANY cesarean births could be avoided if we didn’t focus so much on induction for due dates alone!

A study found in 2003 indicated that labor induction was associated with an increase from 13.7% to 24.7%  (Heffner, Elkin, & Fretts, 2003)

A 2005 study confirmed this and added that inductions increased the risks particularly in patients with low Bishop scores (indicating an “unfavorable” cervix). (Vrouenraets, Rouman, & Dehing, et al., 2005)

Another study in 2014 Cochrane Review found that the use of oral misoprostol for induction is better than vaginal administration. This study showed a decreased number of cesarean births, abnormal fetal heart tones during labor, and instances of failure to progress!

One of the best ways to avoid a cesarean birth to make sure that intervention is ONLY when necessary and when it is evidence-based!

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