Mysterious Dark Line on Baby Bump

Hey Mama, let’s talk about that mysterious dark line that goes from your sternum down to your pubic bone. Did you know that you had a dark line down your bump when you were pregnant? I got a message about this a few days ago and I thought I’d see if anyone else had this question. So it is known as the linea negra, also known as the black line or the pregnancy line. This is the line that develops down your stomach during pregnancy. It runs from the top of your baby bump all the way down to your pubic bone. Some women only experience it below their belly button like from their belly button down and others have a complete line, both are totally normal. There is an old wive’s tail that says if your line runs only from you belly button down then you are having a girl and if it runs up all the way from your pubic bone all the way up then you’re having a boy. I haven’t found that to be very conclusive, but I’d love to hear your experience on that. This previously was a white often noticeable line called the linea alba, until it changes color, then it becomes linea negra. So a bit of history there, due to hormonal changes there’s hyperpigmentation of the skin and the line darkens in pregnancy. It’s also the same reason your nipples darken. So yes, this is normal. Can it be prevented? No, it’s natural and harmless. Being in the sunshine too much may darken that line though. It will go away absolutely, it will slowly fade away after a few months after you deliver. The time frame is different with everybody though. So now you know about that mysterious line on your baby bump, you’re welcome. Now I have a blend to share with you for stretch marks. It’s my Tummy Magic Blend, it’s amazing at supporting the belly in pregnancy and keeping those stretch marks to a minimum. Keep in mind, stretch marks are in your DNA, so you’re either going to get them really bad or you won’t, this will just help nourish your skin. 

Tummy Magic Blend

5 Copaiba

5 Yarrow/pom

4 Sandalwood

4 Cedarwood

4 Frankincense

3 Myrrh

Put in a 10mL roller bottle and fill to the top with FCO. 

Simply roll on your tummy day and night. The shortcut for this blend is 25 drops of doterra’s Immortelle Blend and then fill to the top with your yarrow/pom serum. It already is perfectly diluted with pomegranate oil. It just feels so yummy on your belly. So there you are, there’s your tip for helping support your stretching tummy for those stretch marks.

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