Part 2 Labor Stimulation

Hey Mama, this is part two of my labor stimulation series. If you haven’t watched part one go back and watch it, this will make a lot more sense if you already have watched it. Sometimes your body just needs a little nudge to push you into labor. Like we talked about yesterday, curb walking may help your body prepare for delivery. It helps your baby further engage in your pelvis, as well as putting gentle pressure on your cervix, which also may help your body dilate. Essential oils can also naturally stimulate labor. Clary sage and Jasmine are both amazing uterine tonics that assist with effective contractions. It may help to strengthen contractions once they’ve started. You would apply a drop topically on your pinky toe, on the nail bed, on the inside of your ankle bone, and on your low abdomen. I recommend doing this every  15-20 minutes until the strength of your contractions have increased. I would just do a couple of drops in your hand, mix it with some fractionated coconut oil and put it on those spots.  I don’t recommend this until labor has actually started or until you’re 40 weeks, because I want everything to be in alignment when you use this.  Here is my labor support blend. It smells amazing! It’s helpful for labor pain, fear, and anxiety. 

Labor Support blend

Labor Support Blend

5 Ylang Ylang

5 Clary Sage

5 Copaiba

5 Black Pepper

4 Helichrysum

3 Marjoram

3 Peppermint

Put in a 10mL roller bottle and top with fractionated coconut oil. 

Simply massage the Labor Support Blend onto your low back as often as you need in early or active labor. Also Wild Orange and Balance help you stay present in the moment of that labor and the pain that it brings and the anxiety. You’re not worrying about what has gone on in the past or the future. You can just focus and relax on exactly what’s happening then. So those are some more labor tips and  labor stimulation tricks.

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