Part 1 Natural Labor Stimulation

Hey Mama, have you heard of curb walking to bring on labor before? Have you been doing a lot of walking this week while waiting to go into labor? The question is can you really use curb walking to induce labor? Honestly the answer is not a clear yes or no, it’s more of a maybe. I realize this probably is not what you wanted to hear, but keep in mind unless you and your body are ready and in alignment, most methods of induction both natural and medical probably aren’t likely to be effective. Now of course the medical model can be forceful and it will work, but maybe not as efficiently as you’d like it to. What the heck is curb walking anyway? Curb walking is when you walk with one foot on the curb/sidewalk and the other on the road. It forces you to have an uneven step and then you will notice a shift in your body weight much more with each step. You may notice that one side is more uncomfortable to walk on than the other. If you are curb walking to induce labor, you will want to continue on the side that seems the most uncomfortable. That means it’s probably working better. So I would like to do a series of labor stimulation chats, because I get this question a lot. We want to make sure that we are safe and that we can do this naturally so stay tuned for part two of this talk in the series of labor and stimulation.

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