Part 2 Oxytocin vs Pitocin

Hey Mama, in part one we talked about oxytocin and exactly what that is, today we are going to talk about oxytocin and pitocin and the difference. Pitocin is a synthetic version of oxytocin, it’s a drug that mimics hormonal activity similar to oxytocin.  Today it is mostly used in labor for labor induction and for prevention of postpartum hemorrhage. While the two are similar, they are not the same, because pitocin is made in a lab your body doesn’t metabolize it the same as it would natural oxytocin. Your body responds much differently to it. With regular natural oxytocin contractions start slow and mellow and then progress up the scale, giving your body time to adapt. With pitocin contractions they come on strong, hard, and intense from the very beginning, not giving you or your baby time to adapt. It’s kind of like starting a labor in transition versus working up to that point. If you need pitocin and labor there’s probably a good reason and you will just have to be mindful at creating your atmosphere and using the tools in your toolbox like essential oils, music, and massage to help keep you in the most relaxed state possible. I’ve created an online course for you on my website, to help you navigate your desired birth outcome. Check out my essentially prepared birth course on my website and see what you think. I think it will really help you prepare for your birth. I offer four classes total in this series. My intention is to help you have a better, smoother birth that you deserve and that you desire and prepare you as much as possible for your labor and birth. To help you have a knowing of what is going to happen, because education is power.

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