NICU Moms Part 1

Hey Mama, this little chat is for all you moms that started out with plan A and now you’re on plan N for NICU. Whether you had a premie, your baby is sick, you have genetic or chromosome things going on with your baby, It doesn’t matter, the feelings are still the same. 3 of my 4 daughters have been NICU moms. I’ve been a NICU grandma 3 times now and it stinks. You have waited to hold your baby your whole pregnancy and they whisk him off quickly without you even being able to see or hear him.  It’s hours before you finally get to go see your sweet little baby, you can touch him, but you can’t hold him. All you can do is look at your precious little bundle, feeling helpless as you see and hear all the machines, tubes, and wires connected. The big oscillating ventilator hooked up is one of the scariest things you’ve ever seen and you hear that noise even in your sleep. It’s just not right to leave the hospital without your baby in your arms. A part of you is always at the hospital, it’s so hard to leave every single day. In the mornings you just could stay in bed and snuggle with your sweet little baby, but instead you realize that you can’t, you must gather your energy together, get dressed, kiss your other children goodbye and drive to the hospital every single day. It never stops, you never stop worrying, you’re constantly in tears no matter if it’s good news or bad news. Instead of snuggling your baby and dressing him in adorable newborn clothes you have, you’re doing vitals and you’re swabbing his mouth with a breast milk sponge and you are pumping every two hours. Hoping he will be able to get your liquid gold soon. Stay tuned for part two, because there is more to this story. For now I just am giving all you mamas a big virtual hug, because I know it’s hard!

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