Postpartum Depression

Hey Mama, let’s talk about postpartum for a minute. I get it, the first few weeks after having a baby can be rough and super emotional. While your friends and family just assume that you’re doing great and enjoying your new mom life. What’s really going on is overwhelming feelings and unexplainable emotions. A conversation like this with a friend might be helpful. How does your heart feel today? How are you coping with this big change? Do you have the support you need? What can I take off your plate? Would you like me to talk or would it be better if I just listened? Sweet loving magnificent mama, I am holding space for you. To those amazing family and friends of this mama, ask important questions, then listen, trust, and validate this mama. She is truly amazing. Did you know that we release emotions while we sleep, so applying essential oils on your feet just before bed or diffusing at night is the perfect time to support your bodies in emotional healing. You’ve got this mama! Emotional Aromatherapy is one of my top kits for people who are ready to have better tools for emotional health. I want to talk about each of these oils. 


Passion: Inspiring blend, reach for this when you are feeling stressed and discouraged. 

Motivate: Encouraging blend, reach for this when you are feeling apathetic or just really don’t feel like doing much of anything. 

Cheer: Uplifting blend, for when you are stressed or feeling under the weather .

Forgive: Renewing blend, reach for this when you’re feeling angry or frustrated. 

Console: Reach for when you are feeling hurt. 

Peace: Rescuing Blend, reach for this when you are feeling anxious. 

All of these oils are safe in pregnancy and while you’re breastfeeding and they are absolutely so important to have in your tool bag, especially for postpartum, but also during pregnancy and just in life in general. So I hope this is helpful and maybe one of these or all of these oils resonated with you, let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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