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Hey Mama, this kids kit makes me giddy! These are perfect to use on the home front when your little ones need it. Put it on your little one’s feet to help calm. Especially when you are welcoming a new baby and you have older siblings that are bringing germs in. Yes, they are safe for your baby. They’re also great to empower your kids with health. Teaching them at such a young age to listen and understand what’s going on in their bodies and that they can actually help themselves. All of these blends are perfectly diluted for your little ones. Both physically and emotionally you can use them. How cool is it that big people can use these also. And they are adorable. Aren’t these little carabiners so so cute?  We are going to go over each one.

Stronger: It is an immune supporting power to keep your littles ones healthy as they’re exposed to germs. 

Brave: It supports mood and helps just to ease feelings of stress and anxiousness and promotes confidence and belief in oneself. 

Thinker: It instills a sense of alertness and focus and prevents mental distraction and also reduces mental stress. 

Steady: It helps to calm and balance mood. It promotes feelings of relaxation and calm and just helps the mind be able to focus on what’s most important. 

Rescuer: It reduces tension and comfort and soothes aches and pains. 

Calmer: It is perfect to use before bed to calm the mind for a restful night sleep and promotes positive stress free mood. 

Tamer: It can easily be applied to comfort an upset tummy or when your babies get an upset tummy. Simply apply it on the belly. 

They all have an amazing aroma. It comes with a little deck of cards that are color coded according to each oil and tells you exactly how to use them on the back. It also has a little picture to assist.

Super easy for even your kids to use. And it comes in this sweet little case that zips up to keep them all nice and tidy. So who wants one of these? I love my kids’ blends! I’m an adult, but I still love the kids’ blends.

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