The Fourth Trimester

Hey mama! Pregnancy can be one of those journeys we take where every few days or weeks you say “are we there yet”? You’re grateful to reach a new milestone and soon you can’t wait to get through the next one. 

You think the actual BIRTH is the big one and indeed it is a big one but don’t think you’ve “arrived” after birth because there’s a LOT more journey to go. 

The next part of your journey is called the fourth trimester, not everyone has heard of it but every.single.mother and newborn will go through it.⁣

I want to share part of the story so you can be a bit more prepared. 

Your baby isn’t the only one going home with a diaper on and YES adult diapers will be your friend for a couple of days. They are a good thing.

I have also used these pads from TreeHugger Cloth Pads for several years now, and I would NEVER go back. They are so soft and comfy you won’t want to use anything else for postpartum or your monthly cycles. This family-owned business is great to work with and has the highest integrity.  And…I love that they plant a tree for every pad sold!

Being a mom is as emotional as it is exhilarating, exhausting and gut-wrenching. Be ready for day 4-5 because if you’re not, it will kick ya in the butt. Check out this blog post to learn more about that. 

Sometimes, you will feel like you’ve already failed at being a mom, ⁣and no matter what you do it’s not enough because no matter what you do, people will judge you. ⁣

The first six week can’t end soon enough. “Are we there yet”?

When you’re up with your screaming baby for the fifth time and it’s only 4:00 am and you realize you’re only going to get 2 hours of interrupted sleep tonight it so very hard. 

Breastfeeding does not always come naturally. It’s definitely a learned skill that both you and your baby have to learn through a lot of practice. The first six weeks are tough.

Mama’s Soothing Nipple Cream 

Melt coconut oil if needed over low heat. Cool coconut oil before stirring in essential oils. Pour salve into a jar and place in refrigerator until solid. Store in a cool, dark location. Massage into breasts as needed. If you are breastfeeding another little one, massage oil onto your breasts after feeding, and clear residue with an oiled wipe (2-3x) before the next feeding.

Sleep deprivation is a pretty normal part of life. So give your body extra immune support and never say no to help.

You know ‘down there’ will be tender and sore. A good peri spray will be your friend.

Peri-Spray Soothing Blend

In a 15ml bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil, top with a spay top. When it reaches half gone, top off again with FCO. 

Immortelle was created specifically for skin and longevity, and it was named appropriately, but this oil has countless other benefits. It is one of my favorite blends because of the amazing oils that make up this blend. It can actually accelerate tissue repair, and so it has become my favorite oil of choice for soothing and healing the tender perineum areas after childbirth.

Stopping a crying fit is a constant guessing game between nappy changing, feeding, comforting or just no reason at all!⁣

You are trying to keep it all together on the outside but on the inside you’re falling apart. Adaptiv essential oil! 

But you’ll fall in love with the most adorable little human in the world and feel so incredibly blessed to be a mama. ⁣



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