Why Choose Cloth Pads?

Why choose cloth pads? They are soft, absorbent, incredibly comfortable, dependable protection for menstruation, postpartum (or incontinence!).  You might be enticed to try reusable pads because of it’s tremendous long-term reduction in cost or because it’s the eco-friendly choice, (in fact, you will actually keep thousands of dollars in your pocket over the long run) but you’ll keep using it because disposable protection simply cannot compare when it comes to your comfort. Speaking of comfort… they are MUCH more comfortable AND more attractive than disposable pads, not that anyone besides you sees them, but having fun prints does make that time of the month more bearable!

Honestly, the most important reason for choosing cloth pads is to save you from the odor, burns, and irritation caused by the chemicals in the disposable pads.

So you are new to cloth menstrual pads?  No worries.  They are easy to use, easy to care for. They are safe to machine wash and dry and with each cloth pad replacing 100-200 disposable pads.

I have used these pads from TreeHugger Cloth Pads for several years now, and I would NEVER go back. This family owned business is great to work with and has the highest integrity.  They even plant a tree for EVERY pad they sell.

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® are made with the BEST and most luxurious fabrics out there.  They are all topped with either minky or bamboo velour.  Minky is ultra soft and is stain resistant and they stay looking new even after years of use.  Bamboo velour is a natural fiber which is a benefit to many and is also very soft but it can stain and is not as soft as minky but still 100 times better than paper/plastic.  By using water resistant fleece for the backing rather than Nylon or PUL fabric you are getting a more breathable pad that will also grip your underwear without slipping around.

Go ahead, check them out and have fun shopping for your new eco-friendly cloth pads.

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