doTERRA Cares

Due to the nature of the doTERRA business, many Wellness Advocates have the opportunity to promote healthy lifestyles and educate others on wellbeing. Wellness Advocate, Elaine Davis, has the unique opportunity to provide healing therapy for people in pain. Aside from promoting her doTERRA business, Elaine also volunteers with Bio-Touch—a touch-healing therapy program. This program uses healing methods that consist of lightly touching specific points on the body. Bio-Touch suggests that the combination of correct points and light touch can enhance the body’s natural healing ability. Read the full story to learn more about doTERRA Wellness Advocate’s volunteer work bringing a personal touch to health and healing.

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and a Licensed Midwife, I feel extremely blessed to a part of doTERRA’s culture. We truly are changing the lives of others, one family at a time.

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