Healthy Blood Sugar Levels in Pregnancy

Hey Mama, let’s chat about blood sugars in pregnancy and the label that’s been given as gestational diabetes. I get a little frustrated with this and anything that attempts to negatively categorize a large group of women for the sake of money and it should be questioned. We should be all a little less willing to agree to this. What I do see is a lot of pregnant women who have crappy diets and lifestyles and true nutrition is really the furthest thing from reality for a multiple of complicated reasons. That coupled with care providers who don’t even address these issues. Honestly because they don’t know anything about it and then you end up with women who don’t know what they don’t know. So can blood sugar really be an issue? Absolutely! Can women actually develop real diabetes in pregnancy? Absolutely. Are some women and babies actually not well in pregnancy? Again, absolutely. The vast majority of women with this label of GD are either fine or they could benefit from a little nutritional guidance and coaching and then they can let go of this silly label. So let’s dive into some nutrition tips and some support for a healthy pregnancy. First, a good whole food prenatal vitamin is a must. Your body has to convert a synthetic vitamin and mineral into a usable form. And some of our bodies with the MTHFR gene can’t do that properly. With a whole food supplement, your body recognizes it as food and it doesn’t have to convert anything and it knows exactly how to use it. Second is water. Get half of your body weight in ounces of water and if you drink coffee or soda, which I don’t recommend, but if you do then replace those ounces in water also. Third, cut out grains and sugars from your diet. The Metapower Metabolic Oil Blend can help with cravings. As well as help support healthy blood sugars. The dual chamber turmeric capsules before bed are also super helpful. Other oils blends that may offer support for healthy blood sugars in pregnancy are Basil and Coriander. Take 3 drops of each in a capsule everyday. Lemone, Coriander and Oregano, take 2 drops of each in a capsule twice a day. I hope this has been helpful, please reach out if you want to discuss a personal plan for you and pregnancy, especially if you are one that has been labeled with Gestational Diabetes or if you are getting ready to go in for that test, usually about 28 weeks and you’d like some more information on that. I’m happy to help you and walk through this journey with you.

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