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Hey Mama, let’s chat about new baby essentials.These are my go-to’s for whenever you’re about to welcome a new baby. First of all we have Frankincense, put Frankincense on the crown of baby’s head with some fractionated coconut oil to help with cellular support and bonding. Then we have OnGuard, it’s a great oil to diffuse all of the time especially for winter babies to support the whole family’s immune system as well as any visitors you might have. Then I have Myrrh, I’ve nicknamed this the liquid Band Aid because that’s what it does, it seals off anything you don’t want in there. The belly button is a direct source to all systems of the body and now that that cord has been cut you want to definitely seal and support those cells that were once a lifeline connected to mom and babe. The next one is Balance, it is great to apply on baby’s feet just to help the baby align with this side of the womb, it’s been all comfortable and comfy inside the womb. Now we have to help it get comfy outside of the womb. Then we have Lavender. Lavender is great just to calm and rest for everyone, especially when babies have their nights and days mixed up. DigetZen is good for all tummy support things. So when babies are fussy and you’re wondering what to do just to help the baby feel better, a drop of DigestZen with a little bit of fractionated coconut oil right on their belly will help all those things. So these are my go-to’s when you’re welcoming your new baby along with Fractionated Coconut Oil because this helps dilute everything. Fractionated Coconut Oil is your virgin Coconut Oil with the fats removed so it stays in its liquid form and it doesn’t go rancid. So if you want to know how to get all these at wholesale hit me up, I’ll hook you up!

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