Should I avoid Clary Sage in Pregnancy?

Some might ask, “Should I avoid CLARY SAGE during pregnancy?” I usually recommend avoiding clary sage in pregnancy until 40 weeks, then in labor, if you need to intensify or strengthen contractions clary sage is perfect. Clary sage is not going to force the body to go beyond what it’s capable of. It’s adaptogenic and very supportive in labor.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is in the women’s monthly blend, which is great for hormone support before, during, and after pregnancy.

Women, in general, experience an overall hormonal balance when they use women’s monthly blend during pregnancy. If I had a client who was having preterm labor, I would recommend women’s monthly blend, but I wouldn’t recommend clary sage by itself. Women’s monthly blend is going to be more balancing, and clary sage used separately may make contractions that are already happening a little stronger.

Think of going into a room where there is soft lighting, everything is lit up, and you can see fine, nothing is harsh or too strong. You could even look directly at that light and feel comfortable with that gentle light.

This is how women’s monthly blend works in our body, it is very gentle and calming, it’s perfect to support and balance our hormones in pregnancy in a very gentle way.

Now imagine going into a room where the light is extremely bright, it is almost too bright for your eyes to look at directly. This is how clary sage is, it is like a very strong, bright light. It is great to zone in on your hormones when you need it, but in pregnancy, we are looking for balance, not change.

This is why I teach that clary sage “may” help strengthen contractions once they have started because it’s zoning in on the contraction. Keep in mind it will not bring them on unless everything is already in perfect alignment for labor.

clary sage

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