Why doTERRA and Not Amazon Oils

Why should I buy dōTERRA oils instead of oils from Amazon, Walmart, Costco, TJ Maxx, and other much “cheaper” retailers?

I’m so glad you asked this question because I am committed to educating people on why it matters what oils you use.

The Essential Oil Industry is Unregulated

What this means is that you can be a retailer, and you can decide to get into the essential oil market, but there is no one that is governing how the essential oils are delivered to you.

They can come in one of two ways.

Synthetically manufactured – this means the essential oil is synthetically made in a lab, just like medication. It looks like lavender smells like lavender…but does it act like lavender in our bodies? The answer is NO! Studies have found that synthetic essential oils do not function in our bodies the same way all-natural, unadulterated essential oils function.

Middleman altered – sometimes there are middlemen (think of a drug dealer) who will work with oil farmers, paying them pennies on the dollar of what they are worth. Then they get the oil, DILUTE IT with synthetics and fillers, trying to mimic the pure oil, and then they re-sell it to retailers.

The bad thing is you can have oils that are made this way, and they can still be labeled “100% pure essential oil” or “100% Pure Therapeutic Oil” or “Therapeutic Grade Oil.”

Because somewhere along the way, they have been therapeutic, and they are (under a microscope) a pure oil, but they are NOT the REAL oil.

doTERRA Oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

This means that a third party certifies every batch of oil that doTERRA’s farmers produce. Each batch must be 100% pesticide-free, filler-free and synthetic free. If these criterias are not matched, the whole batch is thrown out.

Furthermore, dōTERRA has a specific chemical profile it is looking for with each oil because, based on scientific research, they have determined the oil works at its maximum in our bodies medicinally when these profiles are met.

So, each farmer that dōTERRA works with must meet this profile also.

dōTERRA has exclusive relationships with their farmers in over 45 countries, including the U.S., and this means no other oil company is allowed to buy their oils from these farmers.

Unless a batch of oil made for dōTERRA is ever sub-par and doesn’t meet dōTERRA’s standards at that point, a farmer can sell it on the open market to other oil buyers, and this means you are then getting dōTERRA’s rejected batches of oil.

I share this because I’m passionate about the quality of oils and what we put in and on our body matters. Not all oils are created equal, and in this case, you most certainly want and need the real stuff… ESPECIALLY when pregnant and breastfeeding.

For more information on how dōTERRA Essential Oils are sourced, please visit Source to You.